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This project aims to develop Africa in particular all the Sub Saharan Africa countries in its mission of promoting existing and or new Wikimedia projects in the Region. The African continent especially in sub-Saharan Africa is lagging far behind of Wikimedia projects as estimated of 0.3% percent only of being aware with these projects, but even those few countries with awareness of the Wikimedia projects still with a large percentage of unaware people whom are not educated. Almost 99.97% percentage of the area of sub-Saharan Africa have no understanding, but there are few people are aware of the significance of the Wikimedia projects, and especially those people would be available in various Universities, Colleges, Government Institutions and private companies, it could be very difficult to talk about the evolution of the population of Africa in the world of globalization, yet now seems academic environment to capture the large-scale technology and globalization to solve this challenges without awareness. It is important now; to stand on this projects for striking Africa and hydration for many people who would probably like to know more about Wikimedia projects that are behind this project.


Focus on project requirementsEdit

This project will provide an opportunity for people who are in areas of sub-Saharan Africa and even the whole Africa, but this project will allow wikis community projects to speak at a conference to be held before the scheduled meeting International Conference of Wikimania of Wikimania, the African wikis community will be motivated to participate in mass Wikimania conference and other meetings hosted by the Wikimedia or sister projects. The African Wikimedia user’s community will have the opportunity to hold a conference as an awareness of the Wikimedia projects; Tanzania will be the first country to host the Awareness of wiki projects in Tanzania and (SSA) sharing Conference of Wikimedia projects which is shifting within the region applied with the same procedure of wikimania Conference, the first conference will regulate of operational codes.

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Wiki community in Sub Sahara africa/Afric can add more events through this page:
please sign the name of your event by adding " *' your words of support Wikimedia in Africa for specifying type of the projects --~~~ " below


This page contains links to central pages on each Wikimedia project. Please add any missing projects (see Complete list of Wikimedia projects — many seem to be missing) and fill in any missing links you find. Some information in other languages is available near the end of the document.

A summary of the different Wikimedia communities.

A short list with links only can be found on Complete list of Wikimedia projects. The lists are sorted by project and alphabetically by language code.

Table glossaryEdit

To keep the list small please use abbreviations.

General discussion
Your local Village pump (VP)
Local news pages, Goings-On
Admins, RfA
List of admins, Requests for Adminship
Votes for Deletion
Embassy / ambassadors
Embassy page / users who help with cross-language issues (see master list of ambassadors)
Local press room/press releases
Featured/Excellent Articles (FA) and Featured Article Candidates (FAC) or whatever procedures you have for quality control
Local statistics pages if it has one
Date started
When the project was started (use preferably the non-ambiguous and locale-neutral numeric format "yyyy-mm-dd", using Arabo-European digits that almost everyone can read)

Table properEdit

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(ang) Ænglisc: Wicimǽdia-Gemǽnescipe — Cǽg
Weorc; Gemǽnu Mótung; Spell; Bewitiend; Bewitiendcyras; Ǽwierpcyras; Bodscipe; Ǽrend; Byrdnes; Rímmǽða; Staðelungtælmearc.
(cs) čeština: Projekty nadace Wikimedia — legenda
Projekt; Diskusní stránka; Aktuality; Administrátoři, Žádosti o práva administrátora; Hlasování o smazání; Velvyslanectví, velvyslanci; Tisk; Kvalitní články; Statistiky; Datum založení.
(de) Deutsch: Wikimedia-Gemeinschaften — Legende
Projekt; Allgemeine Diskussion; Nachrichten; Admins; Adminkandidaturen; Löschkandidaten; Botschaft; Presse; Qualität; Statistik; Gründungsdatum.
(fi) suomi: Wikimedia-säätiön verkkoyhteisöjä — Kaavion selitys
Yhteisö; Yleinen keskustelu; Uutiset; Ylläpitäjät; Ylläpitäjäehdokkaat; Poistettaviksi ehdotetut sivut; Lähetystö; Lehdistö; Suositellut sivut; Tilastot; Perustettu.
(fr) français : Projets de Wikimédia — Légende
Projet ; Discussion générale ; Actualités ; Administrateurs , requêtes aux admins ; Demandes de suppression ; Ambassade, ambassadeurs ; Presse ; Qualité ; Statistiques ; Début d'opération.
(gsw) Alemannisch: Wikimedia-Gmeinschafte — Legänd
Projäkt; Allemeini Diskussion; Nochrichte; Ammanne; Ammannekandidature; Leschkandidate; Botschaft; Prässe; Qualitet; Statischtik; Grindigsdatum.
(ksh) Ripoarisch: Wikkimedija-Jemëjinschaffte — Äklierong/Övverschreff
Projägk; Alljemëine Klaaf; Nohrischte; Wikki Köbeße; Köbes Kanndidate; Fö Fott ze schmiiße; Bottschaff; Präßß; Kwallitäht; Shtatißtik; Et Dattum fun de Jröndung.
(pt-br) português do Brasil: Projetos da Wikimedia — Legenda
Projeto; Discussão geral; Notícias; Administradores, PdA; PE; Embaixada / Embaixadores; Imprensa; Qualidade; Estatísticas; Início das operações.
(tr) Türkçe: Wikimedia Toplulukları — Yetkiler
Proje, Genel Tartışma, Haberler, Yönetici, Yönetici adaylıkları, adaylık mücadelesi, Büyükelçilik, basın, kalite, istatistik, kuruluş tarihi.

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