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Strategi/Gerakan Wikimedia/2018-20

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Di dalam sebuah proses adaptif, kolaboratif, Kelompok Kerja mengembangkan rekomendasi untuk perubahan, didukung oleh sebuah Tim Inti.

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Para tim

Banyak kelompok masyarakat dari seluruh gerakan bekerja bersama untuk menggelar Wikimedia 2030.

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Pertanyaan yang sering diajukan

Jawaban-jawaban untuk pertanyaan yang lebih banyak tersedia di Pertanyaan yang sering diajukan.

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Sarankan peningkatan

Anda diundang untuk mendiskusikan proses dan bertanya di halaman pembicaraan.

Current events

November 2019

Members of the nine working groups concluded their task of drafting recommendations. Instead, three new groups have been composed.

October 2019

Harmonization Sprint report

The Harmonization Sprint report has been published.
September 2019

Harmonization Sprint

Representatives of the Working Groups meet in Tunis at the Harmonization Sprint.

July & early August Report

Check the report where you can learn what the communities discussed about in June.
August 2019

Draft recommendations

Please share your opinion on the draft recommendations on how to change the structures of Wikimedia movement.

Strategy Salons

Visit this page to see what issues are being raised during strategic gatherings organized by Wikimedia affiliates.