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La Komunikada Fako de Fondaĵo Vikimedio administras plurajn socikomunikilajn kontojn por la Fondaĵo kaj Vikipedio. Ni aktive aŭ duonaktive afiŝas sur la jenon:

Ni ankaŭ administras, sed ne aktive uzas, Vikipediajn kontojn ĉe Pinterest kaj Snapchat, kune kun @wikisource ĉe Twitter.

The Wikimedia Foundation's Talent and Culture team shares management of the Foundation's LinkedIn page.

The Wikimedia Foundation's Product & Technology department maintain the official Mastodon instance for the Wikimedia Foundation.


Social media requests for consideration on Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia accounts can be submitted using this Google form. We will consider these requests based on whether they are relevant and compelling to wide audiences, and their ability to push forward our strategic goals. We welcome compelling stories and visuals that highlight the movement and our priorities, staff thought leadership, our advocacy efforts and volunteer champions, as well as initiatives that showcase local and newsworthy issues.


The Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation social media accounts are managed by the Integrated Marketing team within the Communications department. Content is determined by members of the team with specialized knowledge in social media strategy and engagement and grounded in movement and organizational goals. As of July 2023, the primary contacts for any comments or questions regarding these channels are Lucas Pasqual and Olga Spingou.