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नियम और दिशानिर्देश WMF Office IT

This page provides information on the "WMF Office IT" (wmf-officeit) group on Meta.

The WMF Office IT group was created to allow members of the Wikimedia Foundation Office IT team to create and lock WMF Staff accounts, centrally logged on Meta.


This usergroup gives a user the following rights:

अधिकार विवरण कारण
autopatrol अपने संपादन अपने आप परीक्षित चिह्नित करें Edits performed by WMF Office IT accounts are automatically marked as reviewed.
createaccount नये सदस्य खाते बनाएँ While in general users already have this right it is granted both as security in case that changes for some reason and because one of the core purposes of the group is to create accounts for new WMF staff members.
centralauth-lock वैश्विक खाता लॉक करें या लॉक हटाएँ This allows the staff members to lock WMF accounts when they are no longer with staff. It will also allow them to unlock both to fix mistakes or for staff who are returning after previously being a member of staff.
centralauth-rename वैश्विक खातों के पुनः नामकरण करें Allows members of this group to globally rename accounts in case a Wikimedia staff account needs a rename.
noratelimit रेट लिमिट्स से बेअसर हों This is mostly to allow the staff members to create multiple accounts without hitting the rate limit if, for some reason or another, a large number are required to be created on one day or if they are using the API to create them relatively quickly.
oathauth-enable दो-कारक प्रमाणीकरण सक्षम करना Allows members of this group to enable Multi Factor Authentication to increase account security. Users in this group must have MFA enabled.
tboverride Override the disallowed titles or usernames list The pattern "WMF" is blocked from being created by regular users. This will allow the staff members to create work accounts with the required WMF tag.