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ميٽا:تدبيرون ۽ رهنمااصول

This page is a translated version of the page Meta:Policies and guidelines and the translation is 62% complete.
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فهرست تدبيرن ۽ رهنمااصولن جي فهرست
This is an index of policies and guidelines, organised by their scope. Most pages linked below are policies. Some are explicitly marked as guidelines.

تمام وڪي ذريعات منصوبا

ڳنڍڻو Description گُنجائش
استعمال جي مدت This describes the general conditions and mutual responsibilities that all users must agree with, before using Wikimedia projects and sites, or reusing their content.
ڪوبه کُليل نمائندو ناهي This prohibits users from editing Wikimedia projects through open or anonymous proxies.
رازداري پاليسي وڪي ذريعات پيڙهڪا رازداري پاليسي.
اسٽيوارڊ پاليسيون مختلف پاليسيون اسٽيوارڊ سان لاڳاپيل .
دفتري عمل This covers on-wiki actions taken by official representatives of the Foundation.
Language proposal policy How to propose opening a new language subdomain of an existing project. Handled by the language committee.
بند ٿيندڙ منصوبن جي پاليسي This defines the process to close (or delete) a WMF wiki. Proposals are handled by language committee.
خاص عالمي اجازتون Policy and information about permissions used by System administrators and Ombudsmen.
يوزز چڪاس پاليسي چڪاس يوزز پهُچ ۽ استعمال.
نگراني پاليسي نگراني پهُچ ۽ استعمال.
عالمي واپسي عمل The approval process for global Rollback access, and guidelines for its use. ڏسو فهرست
بدسلوڪي ڇاڻي مرتب ڪندڙ The approval process for global Abuse filter access, and guidelines for its use. ڏسو فهرست
نيون وڪيز درآمد ڪندڙ The approval process for the new wikis importers global user group, and guidelines for its use.
عالمي پابندي The process for the formal revocation of editing privileges across all Wikimedia wikis.
Password policy Password requirements for users of Wikimedia wikis.


ڳنڍڻو Description
منتظم پاليسيون ميٽا-وڪي منتظمن سان لاڳاپيل معلومات ۽ پاليسيون.
بيوروڪريٽ (سرڪاري اهلڪار) پاليسيون ميٽا-وڪي بيوروڪريٽس سان لاڳاپيل معلومات ۽ پاليسيون.
ڊانهن پاليسي صفحو ڊانهن لاءِ طريقيڪار ۽ قائدا.
شامل ڪرڻ جو عمل پاليسي هن وڪي تي صفحن جا قسم جيڪي قبوليت ۽ غير قبوليت لائق آهن.
Interface administrators Information and policies related to Meta-Wiki interface administrators.
مخالف "برف گولا" پاليسي Prohibits speedy closure of discussions at this project.
ميٽا-اسٽيوارڊ لاڳاپا Outlines the relationship between elected staff at Meta-Wiki and the Stewards.
Urbanity Documents the de facto policy on civility, etiquette, user behaviour and personal attacks on Meta-Wiki.
سيلاب جهنڊو [guideline] The purpose and acceptable use of the "flood" flag.
آءِ پي بندش ڇُوٽ [guideline] The purpose, acceptable use and rules regarding the IP block exemption permission.

ڪجهه وڪي ذريعات (وڪيميڊيا) منصوبا

ڳنڍڻو Description گُنجائش
بوٽ (روبوٽ) پاليسي Approval process for bot access, and guidelines for its use ڏسو فهرست
گلوبل (عالمي) نظام هلائڻ جا اختياي sysops Information and policies related to global sysops. ڏسو فهرست
غير جانبدار (نيوٽرل) نقطي نظر [guidelines and policy] Information about various 'Neutral point of view' policies. wp, wb, wn, wikt, wq, ws
وڪي خبرون اجازت نامو پاليسي The Wikinews policies for granting accreditation, used on certain languages of the Project. wn