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Meta-Wiki'nin silme politikası gereği hizmetliler sayfaları silebilirler. Kullanıcı boş bir sayfa oluşturursa sayfa eski revizyonlarıyla değiştirilir. Bir sayfa silindiğinde, bu sayfanın değişiklik geçmişi, hizmetli olmayan kullanıcılara gözükmez. Yalnızca Hizmetliler, sayfaları silebilir ve geri getirebilir.

Burada iki silme prosedürü bulunur bunlar "silme politikası" ve "hızlı silme kriteri"dir.

Any user can propose a page to be deleted at Meta:Requests for deletion for any stated reason.


Bir kullanıcı bir sayfanın silinmesini silme istekleri'nde bir istek belirtebilir. Kullanıcılar bir hafta bekleyerek arşivlenir. İstek için '{{rfd}} şablonun sayfanın üstüne ekleyin ve Silme istekleri'nde yeni bir başlık açın. Lütfen kaldırmak için "önceki" başlığa tıklarak sayfayı isteyebilirsiniz.

  • Please place {{RFD}} at the top of the page. If it is a template, please consider wrapping the RFD template in <noinclude></noinclude> tags.
  • Create a new subsection at Meta:Requests for deletion under the appropriate header.
  • You must notify the creator of the page of the deletion request. Please consider notifying to the principal contributors to the page as well with {{subst:RfD notice}}.

Once a page or a list of pages have been nominated for deletion, users may discuss the request, with the request open for a minimum of one week. At the conclusion of the discussion, an administrator will determine the consensus and thus will delete or keep the page. In any case, the request will be archived. If the page is kept, the closing administrator will note on the talk page of the page proposed for deletion the result of the discussion with {{deletion requests}}. Administrators deleting material under this clause should use a permanent link to the discussion for future reference.

Hızlı silme kriteri

Meta-Wiki'nin silme politikası gereği hizmetliler sayfaları özet ile hızlı silebilirler. (genellikle CSD ile olur). Silinmemesini istiyorsanız Sayfa silmeme talepleri sayfasında bir başlık ekleyip belirtebilirsiniz.


  1. Anlamsız içerik ve geçmişi: Bu sayfa deneme değişiklikleri (örnek: "asdf" veya "Yeni bir sayfa oluştur"), anlamsız, resimler, boş sayfalar veya sinsi vandalizm buna girer.
  2. Reposted content: previously deleted according to this deletion policy, unless it was significantly rewritten in a manner that calls into question the prior deletion reason.
  3. Engellenmiş katkısı: içerik bir engellenmiş kullanıcı tarafından oluşturulduysa ve değiştirildiyse sayfa silinebilir. Engellenmiş kullanıcıların iyi katkıları kabul edilir silinmez.
  4. Redundant content: identical to another, with no significant differences between them.
  5. Telif hakkı ihlali, İçerik, telif haklarına tabiyse içerik silinebilir.
  6. Yazarın talebi, Sayfayı oluşturan bir yazar kendi yazdığını silinmesini talep ederse içerik yetkili bir hizmetli tarafından silinebilir.
  7. Content which is clearly out of scope, such as encyclopedic articles, dictionary definitions, and any other material that is best suited on any other Wikimedia project.
  8. Advertising or other inappropriate promotion, including spam.
  9. Attack pages: content created solely to attack, threaten or denigrate any user, person or organization. See the Resolution on biographies of living people and our Terms of Use § 4.
  10. Possible copyright infringement: where no evidence of freeness or permission could be obtained, or the copyright status was not cleared after 7 days it was tagged with {{possible copyright violation}}.


  1. Transwikilenmiş maddeler, başka bir projeye aktarılmış maddeler buna dahildir. Esnek yönlendirmeler buna dahil değildir.


  1. Unfree files: files that are obviously copyright infringements, or that are licensed under any non-free license including any form of fair use, or that don't allow commercial use or modification.
  2. Files that are unsourced and/or unlicensed, as long as at least one week has passed since the uploader was notified.
  3. Wikimedia Commons'ta yer alan resimler, Wikimedia Commons üzerinde yüklenmiş olan dosya, Meta-Wiki üzerinde dosya adında açılırsa çift kopya resimlerden birisi silinebilir.
  4. Corrupt, missing or empty files. Files that are corrupt, missing, empty, or contain superfluous and blatant non-metadata information.


  1. Not a translation, pages that are obviously untranslated or non-sense.
  2. Low quality/machine translation, pages that are machine-generated translations and/or full of errors.
  3. Not translation documentation


  1. Routine housekeeping that is highly unlikely to be controversial (such as in preparation for a page move or history merge).
  2. Gereksiz veya kötü yönlendirmeler, geçmişine bakılarak silinebilir.
  3. Gereksiz tartışma:, silinmiş bir sayfanın veya var olmayan bir sayfanın tartışma sayfaları
  4. Boş kategoriler, 1 hafta içinde kategoriler boş ise hızlı silinirler.
  5. Aged "looks useless" pages: (see below).

Special procedure for certain materials

Any page tagged with {{looks useless|reasons here}} can be deleted after 60 days. Any user can remove the tag provided that they leave an explanation of why they think the content is not useless on the article's talk page. The user that placed the "looks useless" template must be notified. If the explanation is not satisfactory to them, this user should not place the template again, but can open a request for deletion as mentioned above. The deleting administrator may at their discretion convert the request into a deletion discussion or decline it altogether.

Revision deletion

Revision deletion is a core MediaWiki function that allows administrators and users with the appropriate rights to hide individual revisions from non-administrator users. Wikimedia projects are based on transparency, but sometimes individual revisions will be hidden because their content is abusive or infringes on policies. Revision deletion allows for log redaction as well, however this feature is intended solely for grossly improper content, and is not permitted for ordinary matters. Applying revision deletion to log entries should only be used for grossly inappropriate content, as actions recorded in logs (e.g blocks) are meant to be easily reviewable by anyone.


Any user that disagrees with a deletion can propose at requests for undeletion that a page or revision be restored. The procedure is similar to the community deletion process. When proposing a page for undeletion, please notify the deleting administrator. After at least one week after the posting of the request, an uninvolved administrator will process the request. Pages may be undeleted if they meet the inclusion policy or the deletion did not conform to this deletion policy; a mere lack of comments on the undeletion request is generally not sufficient.

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