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方針與指引 元维基上有关于礼貌、礼仪、用户行为和人身攻击的方针。





As a Wikimedia Foundation project, notwithstanding the right to freedom of speech, we require all editors to respect basic etiquette and civility rules, and prohibit incivility towards other users. We recognize that incivility, making personal attacks, harassment, threatening editors, disclosing private information about other users and any other mean behaviour towards fellow community members is disruptive and damages the project and its users.


By editing Meta-Wiki you agree to respect other users, be civil, respect basic etiquette rules and not make threats, stalk or personally attack any individual; and seek dispute resolution if you are not able to resolve your differences with other user.


If you feel that you are being subject to incivility or personal attacks, we suggest you assume good faith and remain calm, even if it is difficult for you. Please do not respond with insults or personal attacks as this only escalates the problem. You may suggest the editor provide an apology and refactor the comment or ask for help. Highly uncivil or insulting comments may be removed, provided that it is noted on the edit summary and on the page. Major or repeated incivility or personal attacks may be reported to Meta:Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucrat for administrator attention.

Any user engaging in activities that violate this policy may be subject to discretionary sanctions by any administrator such as admonishment, or site-wide restrictions such as blocks for any duration, to prevent further project disruption. Gross violations of this policy may result in an immediate block without warning.