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This was an international contest held from July 20 to August 27 2003, gathering 150 proposals. After the early proposal by Chuck Smith on October 12, 2002, the contest was first proposed on June 14, 2003 by Erik Moeller, who argued that the logo (adopted in January 2002 from the Logo suggestions) was unaesthetic, not international, and portrayed a text-only Wikipedia.
Remember, you may only vote on ten logos!

The first voting round ends today, Friday Sep. 5 at 20:00 UTC -- votes added after this deadline will NOT be counted.

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Logos 101-125 (this page)
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(101) edit

Votes (for any variant): Yanyang1985, Dishayloo, Gaurav, Alex Anlicker, WKr, Nyxos, Damian


(102) edit

Votes (for any variant): Gaurav, WKr, Robneild, Tomos


(103) edit

Votes (for any variant):


(104) edit

Votes (for any variant):



(105) edit

Votes (for any variant):



(106) edit

Votes: KF, KS, Stephen Gilbert, Gaurav, Alex Anlicker, HenrikGebauer, Mrd, Wik, Montrealais, Neolux, Nyxos

Total votes = 11


(107) edit

Votes (for any variant):

en:User:JeLuF, Karukera, Dishayloo, Kris, Wshun, Gaucho, Walin, Schneelocke, Malene, Dominus,
Adam Bishop, Stygian, At18, Lazarus Long, EALacey, Imran, LittleDan, Head, Looxix, Dhum Dhum,
Djmutex, Epo, Martin BENOIT, Igelball, Andybauer, Chrestomanci, poplawec, Bluenote, Menchi, Dominus,
User:Jensp:Jensp, MyNameIsClare, Nyxos, Qaless, Damian, Coelacanth

Total: 36


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(108) edit

Votes (for any variant): TwoOneTwo,



(109) edit

Votes (for any variant): Renke


(110) edit

Votes (for any variant):


(111) edit

Votes (for any variant):


(112) edit

Votes (for any variant):


(113) edit

Votes (for any variant): Pedant17


(114) edit

Votes (for any variant): Menchi, Adam Bishop, Lazarus Long, tonderai, Evil saltine, Alex


(115) edit

Votes (for any variant):


(116) edit

Votes (for any variant): Goool, Nerd




(117) edit

Votes (for any variant): TorPedo, GulDan






(118) edit

Votes (for any variant): Looxix, GrahamN, Kingturtle Andybauer



SVG format 1

SVG format 2


(119) edit

Votes: KF 19:28, 27 Aug 2003 (UTC), K, Regulus, KRS, Eclecticology


(120) edit

Votes (for any variant): forzado


with added text

text only


(121) edit

Votes (for any variant): Vicki Rosenzweig Fritzlein, The Anome, Eclecticology


Larger version


(122) edit

Votes (for any variant): Schneelocke



(123) edit

Votes: KF 19:29, 27 Aug 2003 (UTC), CGS 20:42, 27 Aug 2003 (UTC), Jrincayc, Garko, At18, Looxix, Dramatic



(124) edit

Votes (for any variant): —Eloquence, { MB | マイカル }, en:User:JeLuF, Fantasy, Koyaanis Qatsi, tux, Robert Merkel, Guaka, Reigh, Jake Nelson,
Gaucho, Lorenzarius, Ap, Hemmer, Polakko, Maury Markowitz, Garko, Kalki, Ray Van De Walker, Stygian,
Nixdorf, At18, HenrikGebauer, Angela, Alex756, MJanich, Ryoho, AndrewKepert, Mrd, MagicTom,
Looxix, Stewacide, Kpjas, Evil saltine, Tex, GulDan, whkoh, Montrealais, Mfagan, Basil Fawlty,
Cema, Neolux, Katie, Usedbook, Tomos, P3d0, Nyxos, Trevor Mendham, Wiesel, Jeffdelonge

Total: 50



(125) edit

Votes (for any variant): Pacific1982, Wikibi, LittleDan, AndrewKepert (gratuitous self-vote), Basil Fawlty, Bluenote, Dramatic, Arnt Richard Johansen, P3d0, Trevor Mendham

Total: 8

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