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Ig Wiki Librarians Hub

2023 activities edit

  1. World Book Day 2023: Celebrating the Importance of Indigenous Languages in Literature and Storytelling
  2. Improving Visibility of Authors and Books in Libraries using Wikidata
  3. Wikidata + Books in FUPRE Library

Collaborations edit

  1. Deforestation in Nigeria
  2. Africa Day 2023: Preserving African heritage
  3. Wikidata for Nigerian Resources, NLA Bayelsa State Chapter
  4. Transforming Knowledge in the Igbo community by spreading Environmental insights through Translation

2022 activities edit

  • Trainings: the hub organised in-person and online tutorials, edit-a-thons, and encouraged participation in the Igbo Wikimedians User Group activities. The completed events for 2022 are:
  1. Wikidata+languages: An introduction to Wikidata lexemes
  2. Translate Wikidata properties to Igbo language
  3. Igbo Wikimedians User Group 1Lib1Ref cite-a-thon
  4. 1Lib1Ref: Fix reference errors on the Igbo Wikipedia
  5. Fixing reference error on the Igbo Wikipedia 2.0
  6. Introduction to Igbo Wikiquote II
  7. Introduction to Igbo Wikiquote
  8. Introduction to English and Igbo Wikipedia
  9. Online tutorial: this was an online activity tutorial and tracking for 6 month (January-June 2022). Activities of new editors who were given instructions on how to create and translate articles on the Igbo Wikipedia.This activity was to find out how many editors continued contributing to projects after receiving instructions, follow ups, etc. At the end of June, 2.47k articles were created, 6.77k articles were edited and a total edit of 11.5k. Out of 22 editors that were logged into the dashboard, 18 contributed from January - June 2022.
  • Meet-ups: the hub intended to organize an end of the year hybrid meet-up for her members to give room for exchange of ideas, challenges, recommendations and feedbacks but it was postponed.
  • Contests there were contests especially at the end of the year to encourage more participants to get involved and for more results.
  1. Igbo Wikimedians User Group Wiki For Human Rights Contest 2022
  2. Info visibility on Wikipedia
  • Campaigns
  1. Fix reference errors on the Igbo Wikipedia
  • Others:
  1. Igbo Wikimedians Community Movement Charter Sensitization,Conversation and Translation
  2. Nigerian Women on Wikidata:Creating items and adding description in Igbo
  3. SheSaid 2022: Igbo Wikimedians User Group