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Wiki For Human Rights Contest 2022

Right to a healthy environment

22 April - 02 May, 2022    

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Welcome to the Wiki For Human Rights Contest 2022. This is a writing contest organised by the Igbo Wikimedians User Group to enable and encourage her members participate in the #WikiForHumanRight challenge.The contest is focused on human rights, human trafficking and environmental health around the world.


This is a public writing competition to create, improve articles and to encourage Wikimedians to write about Human Rights in Igbo language. The list of articles to focus on has been provided. Winners will receive prizes.


The writing challenge is an online event and will be held from 22 April to 02 May 2022.


It is easy to participate in the Contest by Selecting articles to work on. Articles will be evaluated based on the number of the articles created, the references and the cleanliness of the article created or translated.


Members of the Igbo Wikimedians User Group can help to write and/or translate the articles related to human rights,human trafficking and environmental health in Igbo language. To participate you need to sign up on the Participants section. It is necessary to register on the event dashboard too. Also list articles created or translated in Participants subpage for scoring at the end of the contest.


The contest is organized by Wikimedia Igbo with support from Wikimedia Foundation.During this contest we hope to create, translate or improve Wikiquote, Wikipedia,and Wikidata articles that are related to Human rights, human trafficking, and right to a healthy environment for WikiForHumanRight 2022.


At the end of the contest 42 editors registered on the dashboard, 913 articles were created, 1.56k articles edited. 8 editors listed there contributions here and top 3 were selected for prizes. More information can be found here.