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За чат в реално време с други уикимедианци, има няколко Internet Relay Chat (IRC) канала, намиращи се във freenode мрежата (""). #wikipedia е основният форум ( вижте тук за други канали); те са на Group Contacts и се контролират от нея. Ако не използвате IRC, има и други методи за комуникация, включително jabber чат-стая в

Channels located on the Freenode network will not be maintained by the IRC Group Contacts.

The recent changes channels are now located on the Wikimedia IRC network ( A channel exists for each public Wikimedia wiki which has been changed since the last time the server was restarted. In general, the name is just the domain name with the .org left off. For example, the changes on the English Wikipedia are available at #en.wikipedia. However, some wikis which are not Wikipedias have the .wikipedia suffix (e.g. #mediawiki.wikipedia for See IRC/Channels#Raw feeds for details.

Ако сте нов в IRC, вижте IRC инструкциите за помощ.

  • Тази страница в Уикипедия: ar af bg ca cs da de en es fa fr hi hr hu it ja ko nl pl pt ro ru simple sv zh
  • Тази страница в Уикикниги: en hr it
  • Тази страница в Уикиновини: en es fa
  • Тази страница в Уикиречник: en it
  • Тази страница в Уикиверситет: cs de en fr it pt
  • Тази страница в Уикипътешественик: en es sv

On IRC/Nicks you'll find a list of people whose nickname on IRC is different from their Wikimedia username.

Many IRC clients allow automated login upon connection. Usually, this is done by entering the username and password (or just password) as the "server password" in the client's settings. Some clients must be closed and restarted to recognize a server password or change of one; just disconnect/reconnect alone won't do it.

Hostmask cloaks

IRC hostmask cloaks allow a user to replace their IRC hostname with a string such as wikimedia/JamesF. User cloaks allow you to show off your pride as a Wikipedia editor, casually hide your IP address from view from logged clients, and prove that you are the user on Wikipedia with that user name. For more information, including instructions on how to obtain a cloak, see IRC cloaks.

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