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Wikimedia está migrando para rede IRC da Libera Chat. Você pode ler as discussões sobre isso em Special:Permalink/21595329#Freenode (IRC).

Criando uma conta

Adicione a rede da Libera Chat em em seu cliente IRC. Consulte para detalhes.

Você precisará registrar seu apelido no NickServ novamente. Os detalhes se encontram em

Após criar sua conta, é recomendável fazer o seguinte para providenciar uma segurança maior da sua conta:

/msg nickserv set enforce on

Também é recomendado que depois de criar sua conta, você edite sua página de usuário confirmando que você é o dono da conta na Libera Chat (para evitar que alguém tente se passar por você).


Outdated information retained for historical interest, please see IRC/Cloaks for up-to-date instructions

Após registrar, entre em #libera-cloak e digite !cloakme. Isso irá dar a sua conta uma máscara genérica (user/SeuNome) para esconder seu endereço IP. Isso deve acontecer rapidamente; Espere um pouco e tente novamente se você não receber a máscara e for expulso do canal imediatamente.

Se você tinha uma máscara da Wikimedia na Freenode, conecte-se a Freenode e digite /msg wmopbot cloak. Você então receberá instruções sobre como obter sua máscara. A máscara não será aplicada imediatamente, por favor seja paciente. Infelizmente, máscaras para usuários que apagaram sua conta na Freenode ou não tinham uma máscara nela ainda não estão disponíveis.

If you do not also enable SASL authentication, your IP address is revealed to each channel in the brief period between connecting and identifying to NickServ.

Connection issues

You might run into issues connecting to Libera Chat when using a secure port. Libera Chat has a more modern TLS stack than Freenode; most importantly older versions of TLS (specifically 1.0 and 1.1) are not supported on Libera Chat. To determine whether this is the issue you are experiencing; try connecting without TLS on port 6667.

To fix this, you will most likely need to upgrade your IRC client. It is strongly recommended to connect using TLS. It's the equivalent of using HTTPS to browse a web page.

Web frontends

There is a built-in web frontend for Libera Chat. You also may use one of these alternatives:

Join channels

Most channels are named the same on Libera Chat as they were on Freenode.

A few channels have taken this opportunity to rename themselves:

Freenode channel (old) Libera Chat channel (new)
#cvn-unifications #wikimedia-unifications
#mediawiki-i18n #translatewiki
#wikimedia-ai #wikimedia-ml
#wikipedia-bag #wikipedia-en-bag
#wikimedia-discovery #wikimedia-search
#wmhack #wikimedia-hackathon
#wmcee #wikimedia-cee

Register channels

To register a former Freenode channel on Libera Chat, you will need operator (+o) permissions. If after joining your new channel, there is nobody with +o permissions, then a Wikimedia group contact will need to register the channel for you. Please ask in #wikimedia-ops (on Libera Chat) for assistance. For channels that do not fall under a Wikimedia namespace, you'll have to ask Libera Chat staff in #libera for help.

/msg chanserv register #channel
/msg chanserv set #channel guard on
/mode #channel +b $j:#wikimedia-bans

/msg chanserv flags #channel *!*@libera/staff/* +Aiotvr

If you want to announce your channel move, feel free to copy the Cloud-announce email, which is CC0 licensed.

Differences from Freenode

There is no more /msg chanserv access #channel list command, instead use /msg chanserv flags #channel.

Bridging channels

The bridgebot was briefly used to relay messages between Freenode and Libera Chat channels, creating a bridge between the two, but it has now been removed from all Freenode channels. Bridges between Freenode and Libera Chat should be considered a temporary measure that should be removed once documentation has been updated and the majority of your users have migrated to the Libera Chat channel.

Closing Freenode channels

The new Freenode staff have deleted the services database, which included all channel registrations. Some channels have been recreated by Freenode staff or others, but they are not under the control of Wikimedia volunteers. It is no longer possible to close channels using the instructions below, but they have been retained for historical interest.

Extended content

Once your Libera Chat channel is setup, you can close out your Freenode channel in a way that will help folks who have not been active recently or who are coming from stale documentation find the new channel. The checklist below will help you verify that you are ready to close the old channel and show you how to leave it configured to give instructions on finding the new location. This will be done using ChanServ and channel mode features built into Freenode's service.

  1. Verify that the equivalent Libera Chat channel has been properly set up. At minimum you should check that ChanServ is active in the channel, one relevant person has +o rights, and a useful topic has been set.
  2. Verify that any notification bots and similar tools have been configured to use Libera Chat instead.
  3. Inform active users in the Freenode channel that the channel has been moved to Libera Chat and will be closing.
  4. Set a topic on the Freenode channel to point users to the new channel on Libera Chat:
    /topic This channel has moved, please see for an update
  5. Ensure that the topic will stay set even when the channel is empty:
    /msg ChanServ SET <#channel> KEEPTOPIC ON
  6. Before you setup the redirect, check for existing invite exemptions with /mode <#channel> +I. You can clear all of them with /msg ChanServ CLEAR <#channel> BANS I if you have a +R permission in the channel. You can clear them one at a time with /mode <#channel> -I <invex> without +R.
  7. Set the channel to invite only and forward any connection attempts to a shared channel that can provide them with more information:
    /msg ChanServ SET <#channel> MLOCK +ifst ##moved_to_libera
  8. Kick any remaining users from the channel with an explanation of why:
    /msg ChanServ CLEAR <#channel> USERS This channel has moved, please see

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