Grants:Wikimania 2014 Grant Committees Training


The Wikimedia Foundation's grantmaking team is holding a training for our grant committees in London before Wikimania 2014. The half-day meeting will focus on discussing committee strategy and functionality and provide an opportunity to share learnings and best practices. Committee members from the Funds Dissemination Committee, Grant Advisory Committee, and Individual Engagement Grants Committee are invited to attend.

Venue and TimeEdit

  • Date: Thursday, August 7th 2014
  • Time: 1-5pm
  • Venue:

South Frobisher 2
Barbican Centre
Silk Street
EC2Y 8DS London


13.00-13.30: Introductions and icebreaker
13.30-14.30: Strategic priorities discussion and break-out activity
14.30-15.30: Matthew Hart discussion on participatory grantmaking & Marieke Spence on organizational effectiveness
15.30-15.45: Break
15.45-16.50: Impact reports discussion
16.50-17.00: Feedback and closer


Please leave your name if you plan to attend the training. Include your username, name (optional), and committee name (FDC, GAC, or IEG).




  1. Strategic Priorities
  2. WMF Grants Impact Report (2013-2014)
  3. Participatory Grantmaking