Grants:PEG/Wikimedia Cipta

This submission to the Project and Event Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2010-11. This is a grant to an organization.

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Wikimedia Creates
Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Indonesia
Grant contact name
Siska Doviana
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
siska dot doviana dot wikimedia dot or dot id
Grant contact title (position)
Executive Director
Project lead name
Project lead user-name or e-mail
  • siska dot doviana dot wikimedia dot or dot id
Project lead title (position), if any
Full project name
(Indonesian) Wikimedia Cipta
(English) Wikimedia Creates
Amount requested (in USD)
US$ 40.844,81
Provisional target start date
December 2010
Provisional completion date
December 2011

Budget Breakdown


Please note that the budget breakdown will be in Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) for exact calculation, U.S. Dollar value (USD) only serve as a comparison purpose.

  • Estimate for total budget Rp. 367.603.329,- equal to US$ 40.844,81 rate 1 USD ~ Rp. 9,000,-
Code Description Budget (IDR)
WMC Main infrastructure — Wikimedia Cipta
(central administration, communication materials, hardware)
WMCJ-PK Wikimedia Cipta Jakarta - Coordination Meeting 41.500.000,-
WMCJ-KM Wikimedia Cipta Jakarta - Indonesian language Wikipedia writing class for public 17.600.000,-
WMCJ-KP Wikimedia Cipta Jakarta - Volunteer capacity building to initiate Wikimedia Projects 14.400.000,-
PL Javanese language Wikipedia Revitalization Project 89.598.000,-
SU Sundanese language committee recruitment project 35.900.000,-
PT Beacon of Theology 2011 21.028.950,-
WBJ Banjar language Wikipedia potential committee identification project 5.350.000,-
WL Wikimedia-Lontar for Indonesian's writers 17.575.000,-
FY Free Your Knowledge 2012 18.918.050,-
WP ID Birthday Celebrating Knowledge, Friendship, and Wikipedia NOT FUNDED
Total funding received under Wikimedia Cipta 367.603.329,-

Main infrastructure's budget

Description Total Unit Total Unit Unit cost [Rp.] Grand Total
[Rp.] [USD]
A Communication [cellular] 2 person x 13 months x 300.000,- 7.800.000,- 866,67
B Administrative expenses [paper, print/tools] 13 months x 2.000.000,- 26.000.000,- 2.888,88
C Training room usage
D Meals allowance [food and beverage]
E Central administration and coordination [staff] 1 person x 13 months x 4.333.333,- 56.333.329,- 6.259,26
F Project consultatnt / recruitment specialist
G Local transportation
H Hardware 3 units x 5.200.000,- 15.600.000,- 1.733,33
Subtotal 105.733.329,- 11.748,15

Project Scope


Wikimedia Cipta project will serve as a coordinating structure (umbrella project) to three other projects as volunteers recruitment & capacity building project. The following projects under Wikimedia Cipta are as follows:

Wikimedia Cipta Jakarta Fantastic Four ID Wikipedia Birthday Party

Project goal


Wikimedia Cipta

  • The goal for this project is to enable Wikimedia Indonesia as a coordinating institution to foster ideas and future innovation from Indonesian volunteers using wikimedia projects. The training sessions will have 1 to 15 people audience per class. The project aims for no more than 30 people/ volunteers which later will form 5 teams in Jakarta or its satellite cities.
  • The key accomplishment for this project is to create and support new projects and its Project Directors and their team for Wikimedia Foundation 2011 chapter grant in June.

Javanese Wikipedia Revitalization Project

  • For Javanese Wikipedia Revitalization Project please see goals in here.

Sundanese Wikipedia Revitalization Project

  • For Sundanese Wikipedia Revitalization Project please see goals in here.

Indonesian Language Wikipedia Birthday Party

This Project was not funded.

Non-financial requirements

  1. Right now, Wikimedia Indonesia only have 50 accounts free emails from google and almost all used up for members. Google allows a 3,000 email account for non profit organization, unfortunately only apply for non profit located in U.S., we would like to see the possibility applying for this accounts through WMF. If possible we would like Wikimedia Foundation to contact google to allow more than 50 free email accounts for the domain allowing the volunteers to coordinates using official organization email. (resolved on November 2010 with additional 300 account from google)
  2. Wikimedia Indonesia would like to request two session, each, one-hour video conference call with Erik Zachte inside a classroom of volunteers, so the class could learn about Wikimedia Project statistic.

Fit to strategy

  • The Wikimedia Indonesia as an organization will be able to recruits, regenerates, and build the capacity of its member. Overall WMID will have more trained people joining the organization as an off line outreach effort.
  • The project aim to increase the number of active volunteer in doing off-line project by training them to do a feasible project and outreach activity using a regular and time-bound training scheme.
  • The project aim to increase organizational attractiveness and effectiveness to public by using a mutually beneficial program for volunteers and for the organization. Previous project lesson learn shows that although the project supported by the community is useful to the public in general (i.e. Wikipedia), being a part of the community itself is not attractive to public in general.
  • The project will allow more people to be trained and contribute to Sundanese Wikipedia and Javanese Wikipedia as the revitalization project training will be conjugated with this projects.

Other benefits

  • None planned yet.

Measures of success

Project name Link
KM Call for Writing class participation Measure of success
KP Volunteer Capacity to initiate Wikimedia Projects Measure of success
PL Javanese language Wikipedia Revitalization Project Measure of success
SU Sundanese language Wikipedia Revitalization Project Measure of success
PT Beacon of Theology 2011 Measure of success
WBJ Banjar Wikipedia's committee identification's project Measure of success
WML Wikimedia-Lontar for Indonesian's writers Measure of success
FY Free Your Knowledge 2012 Measure of success
WPID BD Celebrating Knowledge, Friendship and Wikipedia Measure of success