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Get to Know Wikipedia Further a poster contributed by Ika from Project Classes
Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Indonesia
Grant contact name
Siska Doviana
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
siska dot doviana at wikimedia dot or dot id
Grant contact title (position)
Project Director
Project lead name
Siska Doviana
Project lead user-name or e-mail
siska dot doviana at wikimedia dot or dot id
Project lead title (position), if any
Project Director
Full project name
(Indonesian) Kelas menulis
(English) Writing classes by Wikimedia Indonesia
Amount requested (in USD)
US$ 0 (Please see Wikimedia Cipta budget)
Provisional target start date
May 2011
Provisional completion date
July 2011

Budget Breakdown

Description Total Unit Total Unit Unit cost [Rp.] Grand Total
[Rp.] [USD]
A Communication [cellular]
B Administrative expenses [paper, print/tools]
C Training room usage 11 session x 300.000,- 3.300.000,- 366,67
D Meals allowance [food and beverage]
E Central administration and coordination [staff]
F Project consultatnt / recruitment specialist 1 person x 11 session x 900.000,- 9.900.000,- 1.100,-
G Local transportation
I I.1 - Training allowance — Transportation 11 session x 100.000,- 1.100.000,- 122,22
I.2 - Training allowance — Meals 11 session x 300.000,- 3.300.000,- 366,67
Subtotal 17.600.000,- 1.955,56

Project Scope


Writing classes are classes to train public on "how to" edit Wikipedia. This classes are budgeted and rolled out as a public open call writing drive in WP ID (training), measurement tool, and volunteer capacity building (training for trainer).


  • Previously, Wikimedia Indonesia even before its establishment have done multiple outreach effort in training people on doing a "how to" edit Wikipedia. However we believe running a "one time" wiki academy and encourages people to edit just as they see "fit" is actually a misleading gesture often resulted in massive clean up effort. Based on previous observation when the volunteer trainer are not managed on how they present wikipedia "how to edit" offline, often the case they end up intimidating people in the beginner level that show up to learn to edit. Volunteers end up forcing four years of editing experience and expecting the interested participant master "how to edit" in 40 minutes. It is unclear whether the opportunity to train end up as a venue to "show off" volunteer's capabilities - or it is simply a communication failure between expectation and reality.
  • Wikimedia Indonesia begin the writing classes on "how to edit" wikipedia with the expectation that interested party will be low. The only time wikipedia event on "how to edit" is full of participants is on 2007, after that somehow the number of interested participant drops. Even at the very beginning the writing class are not design to recruit contributors, the writing class, however, are design as a venue for the trainer to meet trainee to test their communication materials.
  • The writing class also beneficial for volunteer in training to test their capabilities to manage group of different people with different expectation. So although the title is "writing class" - the goal is for the trainer to build their capacity in managing people. The number of people and the article they contributed are irrelevant and not included as part of the goal.

Target audience

  • Project classes participant
  • Public

Project Goal

  • To identify the volunteer from project classes that are capable to independently organize event and identify resources to run it.
  • To test communication materials to train potential editor from interested public participant
  • To measure the Indonesian language Wikipedia community interest for writing style improvement programs
  • To measure the participation of existing contributors in assisting new contributors at editing classes

Fit to strategy

  • Increasing reach.

Other benefits



Measures of success

  • A replicable step by step communication materials to do training on how to edit Wikipedia and outreach.