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Beacon of Theology 2011
Publication of Beacon of Theology 2011
Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Indonesia
Grant contact name
Hans Abdiel
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
Grant contact title (position)
Project Director
Project lead name
Hans Abdiel
Project lead user-name or e-mail
Project lead title (position), if any
Project Director
Full project name
(English) Beacon of Theology 2011
(Indonesian) Pijar Teologi 2011
Amount requested (in USD)
Provisional target start date
February 2011
Provisional completion date
May 2011

Supported by

Media Partners:

Budget breakdown

  • Estimated overall budget for this project is Rp. 65.700.000,- equal to US$ 7.541,59[1]
  • Wikimedia Foundation — Rp. 20.821.050,- equal to US$ 2.390,00
  • Wikimedia Cipta Jakarta — Rp. 21.028.950,- equal to US$ 2.413,86
  • Jakarta Theological Seminary — Rp. 19.350.000,- equal to US$ 2.221,34
  • Other donations — Rp. 4.500.000,- equal to US$ 516,59


Jakarta Theological Seminary (JTS)
Wikimedia Cipta
Other donations

Post funding I - Stage 1: Preparation & Fundraising

  • Please note that the budget breakdown will be in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) for exact calculation, US dollar value only for comparison purpose. Currency rate 1USD = IDR 8,711
First fundraising and preparation: January-February 2010
Second fundraising and preparation: March-April 2010
I No Preparation and fund raising Qty Unit x Qty unit x Unit Price (IDR) Total amount (IDR) Total Amount (USD)
A communication cost (cellular and internet connection)[2] 5 people x 4 month (February in May) x 200.000 3.000.000 344,4
B communication materials [3] 70 x persons 25.000 1.750.000 200,89
C banner 2 pieces x 1 locations x 300.000 600.000 68,87
D Poster 25 pieces x 25 locations x 20.000 500.000 57,39
E Project Director, additional committee, & Interns @USD 8.2 per 8 hours [4]
Total @Rp 1,500,000,-/month[5] 5 persons x 4 month x 1.500.000 16.500.000 1.894,10
Subtotal 22.350.000 2.565,72

Post funding II - Stage 2: Training, project exposure toward participants and evaluation

first training and project exposure will be held on  February 2011
II No Training, project exposure toward participants and evaluation Qty Unit x Qty unit x Unit Price (IDR) Total amount (IDR) Total Amount (USD)
F Auditorium rent cost 3 encounter x 750.000 2.250.000 258,29
G Logistic
G.1 Participants meals in the first training (before competition is started on February 2010) x 75 persons x 20.000 1.500.000 172,2
G.2 meals for second training and participants evaluation (March 2011) 40 persons x 65.000 2.600.000 298,47
Subtotal 6.350.000 728,96

Post funding III - Stage 3: Evaluation from Jury

III No evaluation from Juries Qty Unit x Qty unit x Unit Price (IDR) Total amount (IDR) Total Amount (USD)
H Jury compensation for 3 months work[6] 3 persons x 1.000.000,- 3.000.000,- 344,4
Subtotal 3.000.000,- 344,4

Post funding IV - Stage 4: Reward

IV No Reward Qty Unit x Unit Price (IDR) Total amount (IDR) Total Amount (USD)
I Rewards and the winner announcement event (300 persons will attend this event)[7] 300 persons x 25,000 7.500.000,- 860,98
J Educational support
J.1 Laptop (top 3) 3 person x 4.500.000 13.500.000 1549,76
J.2 Netbook (rank 4 & 5) 2 person x 2.000.000 4.000.000 459,19
J.3 Sticker J.3 Stiker 1 packet x 500.000 500.000 57,4
Total 18.000.000 2066,35
Paid by WMC Total 15.000.000 1721,96
Paid by other donations Total 3.000.000 344,39
K Educational support 8.500.000 975,77
L Beacon of Theology Shirt [8] 0 0
Subtotal 34.000.000,- 3903,11


  1. 1 USD ~ Rp. 8.711,74
  2. In the first month, only 4 people get the communication cost, in second month all comitte get the cost, in the third month there will be 4 people, and in the fourth month only two comitte will works and get the cost
  3. *these are intended for 70 starting participants
  4. For item number 2, project director and interns were brief that stipend money they receive is not salary. Their work is free yet receive compensation as "lunch and transport" after one day (eight hours). More than eight hours a day work will not be compensate
  5. For the first month (February) the stipend money will cost for 4 people (the supervisor of articles isn't working yet), in the second month (March) all comitte get the stipend money, in the third month (April) the comitee will reduce to three people depends on the number of participants who still competing, in the fourth month (May) the comitte will reduce again to two people because the participants will also reduce.
  6. The amount of compensation which will be given to juries (2 from Jakarta Theological Seminary and 1 from Wikipedia Indonesia) have to be large enough so their working will be honored but also have to be low enough so their work will not be seen as professional paid. Untuk nomor 1 jumlah kompensasi yang diberikan kepada juri (terdiri dari 2 dosen STT Jakarta dan 1 Wikipediawan Indonesia) harus cukup besar sehingga mereka akan melakukannya tanpa mengeluh dan harus cukup rendah sehingga tidak akan terlihat seperti dibayar secara profesional
  7. The rewards event will be held together with the Jakarta Theological Seminary's event of Dies Natalis 77th at the end of September 2011
  8. In the beginning, there is no post funding for shirt. But after get additional fund from other donations, the comitee want to appreciated all participants who have worked so hard with shirt as apreciation. The post fund for Beacon of Theology shirt come from the donations and from comitee.

Grand total

Expected funding A + B + C + D Rp 65.700.000,- 7.541,59,-


Funds received from Jakarta Theological School 19.350.000,- 2.221,14
Funds received from Wikimedia Foundation 20.821.050,- 2.390,00
Funds received from Wikimedia Cipta Jakarta 21.028.950,- 2.413,86
Funds received from Other donations 4.500.000,- 541,59
Total funding received 65.700.000,- 7.541,59



Project scope


Pijar Teologi 2011 (Beacon of Theology 2011) is a 72 days wiki based writing competition. This competition is designed as an integrated event consist of encyclopedia style writing technique training, endurance test, and in the same time serve as an effort to enrich theological information in bahasa Indonesia.

The project will introduce and allow selected participant from Jakarta Theological Seminary, the oldest seminary in Jakarta, to be trained on how to write in wikipedia and compete for 72 days. The 70 participants, from M.div program until doctoral program in Jakarta Theological Seminary, are watched closely by committee while competing and graded using an article matrix calculation created specifically for the project and the 3 juries to grade the article quality.

Project goal


Externally The competition's short term goal is to find and identify new dedicated quality volunteers writers from Indonesian theologian circles. It will also serve as a way to introduce new ways of distributing theological knowledge in a free and effective way using correct terminology in the Indonesian language. Our goal is also to increase the quantity of theological writings in Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia so people could have broader information. In addition, this competition is also directed for increasing the quality of theological writings that existing in Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia.

The final goal is to have young leaders emerge from the project; it aims for sustainability by hoping that new volunteers, exposed by participating in the project, continue to participate in the movement.

Internally Project main goal is to add Indonesian Language Wikipedia very active contributors (100+ edit/ months) for three months. We got a lot of success from Bebaskan Pengetahuan Competition 2010 and we learned from that. The Indonesian very active contributors is stagnant around 28 (since Dec 2006) user for three years with the tendency of numbers of new articles dropping.

Non-financial requirements


Reference Letter Signed by Sue Gardner


The Beacon of Theology 2011 Project will require 23 signed certificates from WMF. Recipient of this reference letter will be the 23 participants. The comitee will print the certificates and sent it to WMF offices to San Fransisco. We hope the certificates will be signed by director of WMF, Sue Gardner, and sent back to Wikimedia Indonesia in September. We will give it to participants at the end of September.

Fit to strategy

  • Support objectives of increasing quality and quantity theological article in Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia by let the participants to write new articles, develop the short articles, and improve the existing articles.
  • Find more active user who will be great contributor in the future.

Other benefits

  • More people will have more access to information that provided by Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia and will be driven to become contributors.
  • We also expected that the articles could be publish in book format in future as a join project with Jakarta Theological Seminary.

Measures of success

  • There will be 70 participants in the beginning
  • There will be 30 additional people that increase the number of active users for the period of competition.
  • There will be 500 additional new articles in Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia after the period of competition.