Grants:PEG/WM ID/Sundanese language Wikipedia Revitalization Project

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Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Indonesia
Grant contact name
Aditia Gunawan
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
aditya.gunawan at wikimedia dot or dot id
Grant contact title (position)
Project Director
Project lead name
Aditia Gunawan
Project lead user-name or e-mail
aditya.gunawan at wikimedia dot or dot id
Project lead title (position), if any
Project Director
Full project name
(Indonesian) Sundapedia 2011
(English) Sundapedia 2011
(Sundanese) Sundapédia 2011
Amount requested (in USD)
US$ 0 (Please see Wikimedia Cipta budget)
Provisional target start date
Juli 2011
Provisional completion date
Desember 2011

Budget Breakdown


Please note that the budget breakdown will be in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) for exact calculation, US dollar value only for comparison purpose.

  • Estimated overall budget for the project is IDR 42,100,000,- equal to USD 4,883.42


Wikimedia Cipta
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

1. Central Administration, Preparation & University Lobbying

  • Implementation: Juli-Desember 2011
Code Central Administration, Preparation
& University Lobbying
Qty Unit x Qty Unit x Unit Price
Total Amount
Total Amount
A Communication Cost (celular) 3 person x 6 months x 200,000 3,600,000 417.58
B Communication Material
B.1.1 Printing proposal 3 exemplar x 100,000 300,000 34.80
B.1.2 Poster 10 pcs x 80,000 800,000 92.80
B.1.3 Banners 2 unit x 250,000 500,000 58.00
C. Committee
C.1.1 Hendra Prastiawan 1 person x 3 months x 1,500,000 4,500,000 521.98
C.1.2 Aditia Gunawan 1 person x 5 months x 1,500,000 7,500,000 869.97
C.1.3 Committee transport 1 person x 12 times x 200,000 2,400,000 278.39
Subtotal 19,600,000 2,273.52

2. Participant Training & Evaluation

  • Implementation: Agustus-Desember 2011
Code Participant training and evaluation Qty Unit x Qty Unit x Unit Price
Total Amount
Total Amount
D Communication materials
D.2.1 Training module 1 & 2 50 set x 35,000 1,750,000 202.99
D.2.2 Training module 3 & 4 20 set x 35,000 700,000 81.20
D.2.3 Training module 5 10 set x 35,000 350,000 40.60
E Classroom & internet access 3 package x 750,000 2,250,000 260.99
F Participant's F&B 0 0 0
F.2.1 Training (round I) 50 person x 20,000 1,000,000 116.00
F.2.2 Training (round II) 30 person x 20,000 600,000 69.60
F.2.3 Training (round III) 20 person x 20,000 400,000 46.40
F.2.4 Informal training 10 sessions x 250,000 2,500,000 289.99
G Judges incentive
(3 times evaluating)
1 package x 2 persons x 1,000,000 2,000,000 231.99
Subtotal2 11,550,000 1,339.75

3. Awarding

  • Implementation: Desember 2011
Code Awarding Qty Unit x Qty Unit x Unit Price
Total Amount
Total Amount
H Awarding ceremony 100 person x 20,000 2,000,000 231.99
I Laptop/Netbook 1 unit x 5,000,000 5,000,000 603.18
J UPI Scholarship 4 person x 750,000 3,000,000 347.99
Subtotal3 10,950,000 1,270.15

Grand total

Subtotal1 Rp. 19,600,000 USD 2,273.52
Subtotal2 Rp. 11,550,000 USD 1,339.75
Subtotal3 Rp. 10,000,000 USD 1,170.27
Expected funding total Rp. 41,150,000 USD 4,815.68


Wikimedia Cipta 35,900,000 4,164.25
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia 5,250,000 608.97
Estimate funding needed 41,150,000 4,815.68



Project scope

New Wikipedians Statistic on January 2010 until May 2011
Active Wikipedians Statistic on March 2010 until May 2011
Very Active Wikipedians Statistic on March 2010 until May 2011

Sundapedia 2011 is a writing competition in Sundanese language Wikipedia site. It will be followed by 50 students S1 (strata one) and S2 (Master Degree) of Regional Language Education Culture Prodi Sunda Indonesian Education University (UPI) in Bandung. The Participants will be tested for durability during 3 months on September to December 2011. Through this activity is expected to increase in the number (quantity) and quality of Sundanese articles on the site significantly Basa Sunda Wikipedia.

The competition will be held for three months is designed as training for novice writers to gather and write down information scientifically using Sundanese language which is good and right. It is expected by the addition of new writers in Wikipedia basa Sunda, articles can be providing access to knowledge for ethnic Sundanese around the world as well as other general community who seek information via the Internet. Therefore, the writing style of the participants in addition can be required to follow rules of Sundanese which is good and true, must be encyclopedic in style and easily understood by all people.

The work and activities of the participants will be assessed periodically by the jury consisting of a combination organizer, a lecturer from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, and also representatives from Sundanese Wikipedia users. The competition will begin with the training to all participants so that they can write according to the standard of Wikipedia.

Project goal



  • increase the number of new active users and also the number of readers of the articles through the promotion of the article on the social networking (Facebook, Twitter).
  • lessons collaborate using wiki software;
  • trained intuition in the terms used in the article encyclopedic Sundanese language appropriately;
  • train the ability to write and process data that strongly supports their Sundanese studies in Indonesia University of Education.


  • Increase the number of complete article Sundanese (200 articles) within three months.
  • Adding an active Wikipedia users Sunda at least 5 very active users each month.

Non-financial requirements



Fit to strategy

  • Support objectives of increasing quality and quantity article in Wikipedia bahasa Sunda (Sundanese Language Wikipedia) by let the participants to write new articles, develop the short articles, and improve the existing articles.
  • Find more active user who will be great contributor in the future.

Other benefits

  • More people will have more access to information that provided by Wikipedia bahasa Sunda (Sundanese Language Wikipedia) and will be driven to become contributors.

Measures of success

  • There will be 50 participants in the beginning
  • There will be 5 additional people that increase the number of active users for the period of competition.
  • There will be 300 additional new articles in Wikipedia Bahasa Sunda after the period of competition.