This is the archive of Meta-Wiki Goings-on in 2008. See also the full archives.

Goings-on in December 2008

23:: A new proposal has been made for a Victims of Soviet Repressions Memorial, a project to enhance public understanding of Soviet repressions by illustrating in human terms their destructive impact.
23:: A new proposal has been made for Wikimedia Help, an attempt to centralize and internationalize Wikimedia help pages.
17:: A page has been started regarding discussion for and movement towards a licensing update.
1:: The Wikibooks logo poll has ended! Participate in the discussion to make and suggest modifications to the final design.

Goings-on in November 2008

17:: Participate in the Wikibooks logo poll for a new logo.
  4:: Version 1.3 of the GFDL is here, but will Wikimedia oblige to use Section 11 to make a big switch to CC-BY-SA?
  3:: WikiVoices, a collaborative Wikimedia podcast, has launched. All are welcome to participate.
  1:: Wikimedia global notifications may be requested.

Goings-on in October 2008

22:: Essentialpedia, a more concise Wikipedia, is proposed as a new project.
20:: A page is created to describe and compare the Wikimedia Arbitration committees election processes at different Wikipedias.

Goings-on in September 2008

21:: An attempt to centralize the discussion about Interlanguage links conflicts is set up: Interwiki synchronization.
20:: The recent proposal to disband Wikiquote finds no consensus, but a copyright clean-up effort on the English project has been launched.
19:: Russian Wikipedia announce that on October 18 and 19, Moscow will play host to the second international Russian-language Wiki-conference.
14:: A proposal for a new sysop function called the "flood flag", allowing admins to hide repetitive edits from recent changes gained consensus and was implemented.
7:: A proposal has been started regarding the detachment of Wikiquote from Wikimedia.
6:: The Meta-Wiki logo poll has ended, with the new logo being approved and implemented.
1:: A draft Statement of Principles has been posted for the community. Please read, review and edit.

Goings-on in August 2008

31:: Please participate in the Metawiki logo poll; a new logo for this wiki has been proposed.
27:: A proposal has been made to have an Image use policy regarding which images may be hosted locally at
15:: Wikiversity celebrates two years of existence.
9:: A proposal has been made for a new sysop function called the "flood flag", that would allow users to hide batches of repetitive edits from recent changes, as a bot flag does.

Goings-on in July 2008

31:: End of the poll regarding the arrangement of the portal. The criteria is now "most visited wikipedias".
21:: Michael Snow is appointed as the new chair of the Wikimedia Board of Trustees
17:: Wikimania, the annual Wikimedia conference, is held in Alexandria, Egypt.
8:: Three new staff members were hired; Rebecca Handler as the Foundation's Major Gifts Officer, Rand Montoya as Head of Community Giving and Frank Schulenburg as the public outreach coordinator.
6:: A poll regarding the arrangement of the portal has been started and is due to end on 23:59 31 July 2008.
2:: Contribute to discussion about the new community draft of the language policy. The policy deals with opening wikis for our current projects in new languages.

Goings-on in June 2008

26:: The results of the 2008 Board Election have been announced. The winner is Ting Chen; he will be formally appointed on July 16. For detailed results please see here.
22:: Voting for the 2008 Board Election ends. Votes are being counted and results to be announced on 26th June.
14:: A new draft for the privacy policy is proposed at Draft Privacy Policy June 2008. Your input is welcome.
10:: A newer look at the interwiki link, a proposal to introduce the Interlanguage Extension on Wikimedia projects was started by Nikola.
1:: The 2008 Board election has started. Eligible editors can vote until 2008-06-21 23:59.

Goings-on in May 2008

28:: SUL is now activated for all users, visit Special:MergeAccount to get started!
23:: Questions to candidates in the 2008 Board Elections are now being submitted.
8:: Candidate submissions for the 2008 Board Elections ended on 22 May.
6:: Flagged revisions is now running on the German Wikipedia.
5:: Early registration for Wikimania 2008 is now open.
5:: A brainstorm for a new project, Wikimedia Radio, has been started. Your input is welcomed!

Goings-on in April 2008

30:: A discussion on introducing the Babel extension for Wikimedia was started.
28:: A community petition questions the recent decision to reduce community representation on the WMF board.
21:: Stuart West, a former senior executive at Yahoo! Inc. and TiVo Inc. was appointed as the new Treasurer of the Wikimedia Foundation by the Board of Trustees.
15:: Discussions on a Global Blocking extension for Wikimedia was started by creator/developer Andrew Garrett.
11:: The Wikimedia Blog is now open.

Goings-on in March 2008

29:: Buenos Aires is selected to hold Wikimania 2009.
24:: A poll concerning suffrage and adminship requirements on Wikimedia Commons is open until 31 March, 00:00 UTC.
24:: The discussion about a rearrangement of the top ten wikipedias that are displayed on the wikipedia portal has started. Your comments are appreciated.
17:: Jimmy Wales has begun polling Facebook users as to their thoughts on showing advertisements on Wikipedia, and would like your input for future poll questions and options.
15:: The Board of Trustees selected its 2008 election committee members for the upcoming Board Elections.
4:: Wikimedia Australia and Wikimedia Hong Kong have both been approved by the foundation and are now officially recognised as Wikimedia chapters.
4:: Newly-appointed Board member Domas Mituzas is appointed to be the new Executive Secretary of the Wikimedia Foundation from March 1, 2008 to February 28, 2009 provided that his board term is extended through appointment or election beyond July 2008.

Goings-on in February 2008

18:: On Wednesday, Wikimedia Foundation Chair Florence Devouard announced the appointment of two new trustees: Michael Snow, and developer Domas Mituzas (Midom).
8:: The Wikimedia Foundation issues its audited Financial Statements for fiscal year 2007.
2:: Stillman Wiki Wall Photo Contest opens. Please submit Wikimedia-related photos to be posted in the new San Francisco office.
1:: Wikimania call for participation open until 16 March 2008.

Goings-on in January 2008

30:: Meeting in #wikimedia-ca to start Wikimedia Canada up again.
29:: Veronique Kessler, appointed Chief Financial and Operating Officer for the Wikimedia Foundation. Hiring Veronique, Kul and Jay Walsh (Head of Communications) is announced with a press release.
25:: The 2007 Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year competition result is out and Broadway tower edit.jpg was chosen as the winner. (see here for more details)
20:: The 2007 Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year competition final vote.
16:: New Jury selected for Wikimania 2009.
15:: The vote on rewritten Stewards policy has opened.
10:: The 2007 Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year competition round 1 vote.
10:: The vote on rewritten Stewards policy is being organized, whose start is planned on January 15.
9 :: A new proposal for a Wikicommunity has been established. Please review and comment.
8 :: A new proposal for a Policy on overuse of bots in Wikipedias has been established. Please review and comment.
3 :: WMF Executive Director Sue Gardner, has hired a Kul Takanao Wadhwa as Head of Business Development of the Wikimedia Foundation .
2 :: Page moves are now set to autoconfirmed on all Wikimedia wikis (bug 12071).
1 :: Four (4) Stewards, namely Ausir, Romihaitza, Snowdog and Suisui have failed re-confirmation due to inactivity and thus have been removed as Stewards.