Global message delivery/Targets

Global delivery listsEdit

Four regularly used Distribution lists:

Active global newslettersEdit

Including only newsletters that have sent an update since May 2016, as of December 2016. (Possibly incomplete)

Empty MassMessage lists to useEdit

Below is a list of empty shells that are available for use in the mass message subscription list content model. To use one, go to the page, and move it to the title you want. These pages should typically only be moved to the subpages of this page ("Global message delivery/Targets").


(Automatically generated list)



Input list Count
Affiliations Committee news 115
Affiliations Committee news - Affiliates 196
Embaixadores da Wikipédia 29
ESEA Newsletter 63
Fellowship Digest 27
Fundraiser 2011 translators 426
This Month in GLAM newsletter 386
Grants News 64
India Program 12
Learning Quarterly 120
Signpost 345
Teahouse guests wrap up 401
Teahouse invitees and visitors 1527
Teahouse nonguest participants wrap up 125
Tech ambassadors 1057
Wiki Project Eurovision Newsletter 53
Wiki Project Med Foundation Newsletter 88
Wikidata 384
This Month in Education newsletter 315
Wikimedia Highlights 119
WikipediaLibraryEditors 40
Wikipedia Help Survey (0 edits) 250
Wikipedia Help Survey (1-10 edits) 160
Wikipedia Help Survey (101-1000 edits) 251
Wikipedia Help Survey (11-100 edits) 250
Wikipedia Help Survey (over 1000 edits) 256
Wikipedia Library 354
Wikisource Community User Group participants 52
Wikivoyage Communities 20

Other listsEdit