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Global message delivery/Targets/Wikimedia Education Collaborative

Add your name below to have Wikimedia Education Collaborative delivered to your talk page.

Use the format below to add your names:

# {{target | user = YOUR USERNAME | site =}}
Please change "" to the Wikimedia project you want the messages to be delivered.
  1. User talk:Romaine
  2. User talk:Hadi
  3. User talk:Joalpe
  4. User talk:Ixocactus
  5. User talk:Sewepb
  6. User talk:PokestarFan
  7. User talk:PokestarFan
  8. User talk:PokestarFan
  9. User talk:PokestarFan
  10. User talk:PokestarFan
  11. User talk:AKA MBG
  12. User talk:Ngochue456