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See also the discussion surrounding the September 2004 fundraiser.

In order to increase donations, we should hold regular fundraising drives.

  1. How often should we hold fundraising drives?
  2. Should the fundraising site notice be placed on every wiki for this?
  3. How can we attract potential donors to Wikimedia?
  4. How should this be advertised?
  5. Should it coincide with press releases?
  6. How should the Wikimedia Fundraising page be improved before the drive starts?


  1. Four times a year (a week each, or until the budget goal is reached). Our budget is divided into quarters, so we should have a fund drive each quarter to meet the budget total. It is also very difficult to predict our growth, and thus our budgetary needs, past a quarter or two in the future.
  2. Yes - all wikis that are hosted by us should have the notice. The notice does, of course, need to be translated and we also eventually need translated fundraising pages.
  3. Just keep doing what we are doing (our popularity will take care of this on its own, IMO). We should seek out grants, however.
  4. Buy advertisements on Encarta's website. ;)
  5. In the future yes. We should also have a meet-up in a different part of the world each time in order to rally the troops.
  6. We should put a bounty on the creation of a way to automatically grep and display the amount of money going into PayPal/MoneyBookers. As more money comes in, a bar moves toward the goal line. That page also needs to be translated in many different languages.

--Daniel Mayer 02:28, 14 Jul 2004 (UTC)


On the list of donations, I saw one that was only of 1 yen. While any amount is appreciated, this donation seemed to be solely for the purpose of getting on the list to promote --Gray Porpoise 04:32, 21 December 2006 (UTC)

2009 Launch Feedback

NB: Page is for discussion of the 2009 Annual Fundraiser launch. --Kaganer 13:13, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

Creation of a fundraising mailing list

I propose that a fundraising mailing list be created with the following consideration in mind


  • share of best practices
  • develop a messaging strategy that incorporates community members and chapters from the start
  • develop a shared timeline for fundraisers and a shared sense of ownership between WMF and Wikimedia chapters
  • talk through any procedural aspects of the fundraising agreement, reporting, revenue sharing, etc.
  • define technical specifications for software to-be-developed
  • capture individual action items and responsibilities

Once a year, administrators of the list will clean it up (checking membership and removing if necessary)


  • the list will be private, but not intended to be confidential (no forward of information without prior approval though)
  • joining should be rather easy. Aside from obvious members (eg, staff in charge of fundraiser), membership will be granted when at least 2 current members of the list support the candidate. Concept will be to avoid the trolls
  • archives will be kept


  • list will be owned by WMF. At least 2 moderators not from WMF.


  • By default (will be on the list)
    • WMF or Wikimedia chapters staff dealing with fundraising
    • fundraising contact points between WMF and Wikimedia Chapters
  • If thought suitable by the chapter, without need for approval
    • Wikimedia chapters or WMF treasurers
    • Wikimedia chapters or WMF chairs
  • With approval of two members from the list
    • anyone interested and helpful

Comments welcome


I would propose to verify the possibility to have three members per chapters most of all if the list is reserved to all aspect of fundraising. In general some chapters could have two persons dedicated to fundraising: one for financial aspects with economical and financial background, and another reserved to advertising and communication with marketing background. The presence of a third person, like the president for example, could assure a continual presence. --Ilario 17:46, 21 March 2010 (UTC)
I read you. Given that two members of the list can approve a third person, I do not really see how chapter members could become restricted to the point of having only two chapter people on the list. This said, the list is not meant to be "a place for representatives to be", but rather a community of practices. Anthere
OK, in this case the treasurer and the president are automatically subscribed and they can present a list of chapters members to be added. It seems acceptable depending on organization of single chapter. --Ilario 10:07, 22 March 2010 (UTC)

I've created Mailing lists/Fundraising. --Nemo 00:01, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

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