Fundraising 2009/Plan


The Annual Fundraiser represents WMF's best opportunity to solicit donations from the world to support its mission. Usually held at the end of the calendar year, the Annual Fundraiser is geared towards encouraging the large volume of users, contributors, visitors, & editors to making a financial gift (recognizing that so many already give time, energy, & thought) to continuing the WMF mission.

A significant portion of our revenue comes from individual gifts.

Time lineEdit

The time line can be found here.

Tentative start date for the fundraiser is November 3rd, 2009 (UTC) until January 9th, 2010 (UTC). The dates may move depending on any number of factors: hitting our goal early, not hitting our goal, or other technical or mission-related effects.

Marketing and PREdit

See description here.

Technical ComponentsEdit

See info here.

Chapter FundraisingEdit



Much like last year, we are expecting a full and public reporting of our efforts to date. I'll have those links up as they are available.

Last year's links: