Fortius linguarum



In the original English it means “Strength through languages”.

This document will be part report, part manual and part lexicon and style guide. The intended audience is the fundraising team since its purpose is mainly to be able to pass on knowledge from the outgoing translation coordinator to current and future fundraising production staff.

The motivation behind this is simple one. The English language accounted in early 2013 for over half of the movements page[1] but in recent years the English fundraiser has dominated the fundraiser to the point that in 2012 it resulted in raising nearly 80% of the total donated. One of the biggest challenges is to try to keep up the pace of development of the international fundraiser at the same speed with English one so that no one wiki bears the sole burden/responsibility of raising what we need for the projects.

However, as much of an internal document this is mostly intended to be, it will hopefully be a useful breakdown to the processes and workflow's involved with a large scale translation project such as the International Fundraiser and so has been made freely available for by foundation or chapter staff or members of the community.

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