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This is a yellow page of Wikimedia's East, South East Asia and Pacific (ESEAP) regional community.

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  • Those interested in regional collaboration can add their name as a coordinator here. (It is not necessary to have an affiliation.)
  • Links to social media channels should be for the community.

List of affiliates edit

The following are chapters and organizations geographically (or most land mass geographically) located in East Asia, South East Asia, and Pacific.

Recognized edit

Flag WM code Country/Region served Formal name Type Recognition Contact person(s) Social media
  AU Australia Wikimedia Australia Chapter February 23, 2008 Canley, Pru.mitchell, AmandaSLawrence, Facebook, Twitter
  HKG Hong Kong Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong User Group September 28, 2018 AINH, Michael (WMHKG), WhisperToMe, だ*ぜ
  PH-WC Philippines Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group User Group October 17, 2015 Maffeth.opiana, Daragang Nagueña
  PH-WAP Philippines Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group User Group February 6, 2023 Daphne Paleria Boncodin, Anthony Diaz, Imelda Brazal Twitter
  ID Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia Chapter July 21, 2008 Rachmat (WMID), Hillun Vilayl Napis (WMID) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  KO South Korea Wikimedia Korea Chapter November 11, 2018 Contact list Facebook, Twitter
  MM Myanmar Myanmar Wikimedia Community User Group User Group January 31, 2020 Zawthet, Ninjastrikers
  MYS Malaysia Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia User Group September 10, 2017 Dody Ismoyo, WAqil (WMYS), Exec8 Email:, Website Facebook, Instagram
  NZ New Zealand Wikimedia User Group of Aotearoa New Zealand User Group December 17, 2019 Podzemnik, MurielMary
  TH Thailand Wikimedia Thailand Chapter June 14, 2019 Pilarbini, Athikhun.suw, 2ndoct Facebook
  TW Taiwan Wikimedia Taiwan Chapter July 4, 2017 Reke, Joycewikiwiki Facebook, Twitter
  VN Vietnam Vietnam Wikimedians User Group User Group August 28, 2018
WAM Asia Wikipedia Asian Month User Group User Group September 25, 2018 Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  TW Taiwan Paiwan Wikimedians User Group User Group October 8, 2021 Iyumu, 饅頭老師 Facebook,


  JPN Japan Wikimedians of Japan User Group User Group October 13, 2023 Kizhiya, Sai10ukazuki, YShibata

Formerly recognized edit

Flag WM code Country/Region served Formal name Type Recognition Derecognition Contact person(s) Social media
  CN China Wikimedia User Group China User Group July 30, 2014 September 9, 2020
  HK Hong Kong Wikimedia Hong Kong Chapter March 4, 2008 February 1, 2017
  MO Macau Wikimedia Macau Chapter April 24, 2011 August 1, 2017
  PH Philippines Wiki Society of the Philippines
(formerly recognized as Wikimedia Philippines)
Chapter March 17, 2010 February 28, 2017 seav, Sky Harbor Facebook, Twitter, Website

Not yet recognized edit

Flag Country/Region served Formal name Type Contact person(s) Social media
  Cambodia Wikimedia-KH Cambodia User Group User Group
  Japan Wikimedia Japan Chapter
  Kansai, Japan Wikimedians in Kansai User Group
  Singapore Wikimedia Singapore User Group User Group
  Timor-Leste Komunidade Wiki Timor-Leste User Group
  Tokyo, Japan The Wikimedian Society of Tokyo User Group

Independent unaffiliated groups edit

Flag Country/Region served Formal name Code Type Contact person(s) Social media
  Philippines Bikol Wikipedia Community Thematic Filipinayzd Bikol Wikipedia Community Facebook group
  Philippines Hablon User Group HUG-PH User Group Jojit Ballesteros, Bel Ballesteros Facebook
  Philippines Pilipinas Panorama Community PPC Thematic Community Buszmail, Ralffralff PPC Facebook group
  Philippines Shared Knowledge Asia Pacific Education Lady01v Website
Facebook page

Countries currently not served by any affiliate edit

  •   Brunei
  •   Laos
  •   Mongolia
  •   Papua New Guinea
  •   Micronesia
  •   Fiji
  •   Kiribati
  •   Marshall Islands
  •   Nauru
  •   Palau
  •   Samoa
  •   Solomon Islands
  •   Tonga
  •   Tuvalu
  •   Vanuatu

Communication channels edit

The following lists the communication channels in the ESEAP region, i.e. the caretakers of each channel in the list below are the volunteers willing to coordinate and aggregate the channels' discussions back to the ESEAP hub.

Public channels edit

Medium Channel Est. Total members (last updated) How to join
Facebook Messenger group East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ESEAP) 2014 82 (July 14, 2018) Send request to an admin (Exec8, Rachmat (WMID), Dody Ismoyo, Athikhun.suw)
WhatsApp group Wikimedia ESEAP 2018-07-22 72 (May 15, 2021)
Telegram group ESEAP (East, SE Asia, & the Pacific Wiki Coop) July 26, 2018 33 (May 15, 2021)
Mailing lists eseap


December 2009

Related channels edit

Medium Channel Purpose Est. Total members (last updated) How to join
Telegram group WMCON17's ESEAP ESEAP Wikimedians at Wikimedia Conference 2017 March 30, 2017 7 (July 26, 2018) Send request to admin (Shangkuanlc)
Telegram group Wikimedia Austronesian Languages Wikimedians who are interested in preserving in promoting Wikimedia projects in the Austronesian languages ? 37 (May 15, 2021)

ESEAP representatives in Wikimedia committees edit

Last updated: 13 December 2023

The following are volunteer Wikimedians who are part of different Wikimedia committees/task forces/working groups representing the ESEAP region. This list also include Wikimedians whose seat in a governance body is not necessarily regional in function, but nonetheless represented a project/community/Affiliate from the ESEAP region and/or have specific expertise that is relevant to the interests of the region:

ESEAP Hub Interim Committee (November 2022–August 2023) edit

ESEAP Hub Interim Committee
  • Joycewikiwiki (East Asia, November 2022–July 2023)
  • Exec8 (Southeast Asia, November 2022–July 2023)
  • Gnangarra (Oceania, November 2022–July 2023)
  • Motoko C. K., Wikimedia Korea (East Asia, November 2022–August 2023)
  • 1233, Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong (East Asia, November 2022–August 2023)
  • Azoma (Southeast Asia, November 2022–August 2023)
  • Rachmat (WMID), Wikimedia Indonesia (Southeast Asia, November 2022–August 2023)
  • Dody Ismoyo, Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia (Southeast Asia, November 2022–August 2023)
  • BindiS, Wikimedia Australia (Oceania, November 2022–August 2023)
  • Reke, Wikimedia Taiwan (East Asia, July 2023–August 2023)
  • Buszmail (Southeast Asia, July 2023–August 2023)

ESEAP Preparatory Council (September 2023–to date) edit

ESEAP Preparatory Council
Affiliate Seats
Community Seats
Individual Seats

WMF staff and contractors edit

Last updated: 13 December 2023

The following are Wikimedia Foundation staff and contractors that currently works with the ESEAP community on different projects:

Extra edit