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Bikol Wikipedia Community is a community of Wikimedians supporting the Bikol Wikipedia project in the Philippines, the activities of PhilWiki Community on Bikol Wikipedia, and the mission and vision of Wikimedia Foundation in general.

Bikol Wikipedia

Map of the Philippines where Central Bikol (red) is spoken within the Bicol Region
LocationFlag of the Philippines.svg Philippines
Official language(s)Central Bikol
Other language(s)English
AffiliationsPhilWiki Community
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Who can join?Edit

Anyone who can participate in improving and promoting the Bikol Wikipedia thru online and in-person events can join the community. Feel free to add your name to the interested members list below and to ask any questions on the discussion page.

Projects and activitiesEdit

The community initiates and supports the following activities:

  • Edit-a-thons to help new Wikipedians learn basic editing, to enrich content about Bicol or any topic they are interested in on Bikol Wikipedia and other Bikol language based Wikimedia projects including Bikol Wiktionary, Rinconada Bikol Wikipedia and Bikol Wikisource.
  • Meetings for the Wikimedians to exchange ideas and to discuss strategies to sustain the editing activity on Bikol Wikipedia.
  • Editing contests to encourage existing users to continue edit and to encourage non-users join Bikol Wikipedia and other Bikol language based Wikimedia projects.
  • Anniversary celebrations to celebrate the birthday of Bikol Wikipedia in order to promote the project and to build camaraderie in the community.

Activities in 2023Edit

Feminism and Folklore 2023
Wiki Loves Art month-long activity from February 1 to 28 focuses on visual artists
Bikol Wikisource event poster
  • Bikol Wikipedia Conference 2023 is a 3-day conference and training for teachers to be held on August 4, 5 and 6 in Naga City, Philippines. The conference will include presentations on indigenous languages revitalization, connecting Wikipedia and education, and trainings on basic Wikipedia editing, and Wikipedia content translation tool. The event is supported by the Wikimedia Foundation and is in partnership with the Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group.
  • Feminism and Folklore in the Philippines 2023 runs from February 1 to April 15 to create content on folklore and topics related to women.
  • Wiki Loves Art is a campaign on Bikol Wikipedia with the aim to enrich the content on subject around the arts. Three months are dedicated to feature different artists in the fields of visual arts (February), literary arts (April), and performance arts (June).
  • Wiki Rescue was conducted on February 24 to 25, 2023 to add content on Bikol Wikisource. Featured for its inaugural activity is a rare copy of the 1986 Philippine Constitution in the Bikol language.

Activities in 2022Edit

Webinar on Wikimedia event poster featuring LiAnna Davis and Satdeep Gill as resource speakers
  • Webinar on Wikimedia was a 2-hour virtual seminar conducted at James O'Brien Library in Naga City on December 2, 2022 as part of the celebration of the 15th birthday of Bikol Wikipedia in partnership with the Ateneo de Naga University. The webinar featured two topics on Wikipedia and Education, and Wikisource. Three invited reactors gave insights and commentaries on the topics.[1]

Activities during Pandemic (2020 - 2021)Edit

Early activities (2008 - 2019)Edit







Interested MembersEdit

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