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Deoband Community Wikimedia (officially, Deoband Community Wikimedia User Group; abbreviated as DCW UG) is a recognised user-group affiliate of the Wikimedia, consisting of volunteer editors who primarily based in India. It aims to write/improve Wikipedia and its sister projects with information related to global Deobandi scholarship, at a global level, in any language. DCW does not limit itself to a single language project.

Deoband Community Wikimedia User Group
Affiliate codeDCW
Country codeIN
Founding date31 July 2021
Approval date16 January 2022
Official language(s)English, Urdu
Key people
AffiliationsAffiliations Committee


DCW has worked on the English Wikipedia, through the DYK and the ITN. As a part of the program, the Hayāt al-Mashāyikh was launched on various social media platforms in June 2021, to help promote the goals of the group and inspire people to write about the scholars associated with the Deoband Islamic seminary. The introductory session was held on 12 August 2021 on Google meet app.

The list of students of Mahmud Hasan Deobandi was promoted to a Featured List in December 2020 on the Urdu Wikipedia. Likwise, two major articles associated with the Darul Uloom Deoband, i.e. Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind and Mahmud Hasan Deobandi were promoted to Good Article status on the English Wikpedia in July 2021. The major accomplishments of the group are recorded here.


  • To promote Edit-a-thons (around the Darul Uloom Deoband/global Deobandi scholarship) for Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikiquote and Wikidata etc.
  • Promoting editing/improving the Darul Uloom Deoband related content over various Wikimedia projects such as English and Urdu Wikipedia, Wikidata.
  • The group would involve in training of individuals in understanding the relevant Wikipedia notability guidelines, through online and offline workshops.
  • The group also promotes the addition of Islamic calligraphic images to the related biographical entries on Wikipedia.

Events and activitiesEdit

As discussed in our introductory meet on 12 August 2021, we plan to focus on available subjective articles on the English and Urdu Wikipedia and improve them with content, images, and copyediting during the first year. We further discussed our future goals and strategy in our second introductory meet on 20th November 2021. Between 17 and 20 March 2022, an offline meet was arranged in Deoband. A pre-planned offline workshop with the collaboration of Bayt al-Hikmah Deoband remains postponed due to unavailability of resources. On 25 June 2022, the DCW began a international collaboration, Deoband Yoruba Collaborative Project, aiming to include the thematic content on Yoruba Wikipedia.


Focus and justificationsEdit

The group focusses on anything related to the Darul Uloom Deoband, even at the distant contact; people, books, academic centers of learning, universities, whatever, at a global level. The Deobandi movement is one of the major contemporary movements that spreads throughout the world, through a plethora of Islamic institutions, scholars, and organisations.

Since the group focuses on topics and issues that bear a connection with the Darul Uloom Deoband, commonly known as Deoband (irrespective of the town), the group is named the Deoband Wikimedia User Group.

Contact informationEdit

Please leave a message at the talk page, and in case of any confidential issue, please email us at

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