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Heritage Lens
Deoband Community Wikimedia

The Heritage Lens is an initiative of the Deoband Community Wikimedia that aims at the representation of Muslim heritage within the Wikimedia projects. The name was idealised by DCW's Creative Head Munazza Anjum, and the first official iteration under this program is conducted in and around Deoband, in India, from 23 July to 25 July 2023. The initiative has been developed in response to DCW's Strategic Recommendations from February 2023.

Background and Program edit

Heritage Lens has been idealised based on the learning from our Bhopal Photo Event and the strategic recommendations from February 2023.

Each iteration of the program is supposed to include training sessions as well. The series of training sessions is named as "Empowering Creatives" by Musical starlight and the first iteration includes sessions on the Basics of Wikimedia Commons, Copyright Attribution Significance and the Freedom of Panorama.

Iterations edit

Collaborations edit