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Thank you for volunteering to become an active tech ambassador for the Wikimedia movement!

Role definition


Currently active tech ambassadors:

  1. are recognizable – they are listed as tech ambassador for a given community in the public table on this page;
  2. are proactive – they post tech-related information in their project's community spaces, making sure the message is well understood;
  3. are supportive – they help get information from their community to and Phabricator, contributing to a faster resolution of local issues;
  4. are reachable – they respond when contacted by Movement Communications (or others) about tech stuff.

Learn how to be(come) a great ambassador: this is easier than you think.

Pilot phase: working together on Phabricator


Signup table


Go ahead and add yourself to the table for the designated communities![1] It can be edited with the visual editor. Please add the page to your watchlist, so you'll be aware of any conversations happening in the talk page :)

Community Active ambassador name here Active ambassador name here Other ambassadors
English Wikipedia Zppix (phab), Eyitayo Alimi, ZI Jony (phab),Tyrone Lewis The living love, CupcakePerson13, MarkRosenbaum (phab), Vulphere (en), EpicPupper

Zend2020 (talk)

Capankajsmilyo Ammarpad (en, phab), Kaartic (phab),

SHISHIR DUA (phab), Sitanda (phab)

Commons Perhelion (de), ZI Jony (phab), MarkRosenbaum (phab), Vulphere (en) Zhuyifei1999 (phab) PEAK99-TH,
Wikidata Sjoerddebruin (phab), ZI Jony (phab), MarkRosenbaum (phab) Kaio Duarte Wargo (pl, phab)
German Wikipedia Raymond (de, phab)
French Wikipedia Framawiki (phab), Ingrid twinsy BamLifa Psychoslave (phab)
Russian Wikipedia Jack who built the house (phab)
Spanish Wikipedia Superzerocool, MarioFinale (phab), 88 csq (phab) Naturista2018 lsanabria (phab), Kirill Rivera Briones, Osama Eid
Italian Wikipedia valepert (phab)
Japanese Wikipedia ネイ (phab)
Chinese Wikipedia User:星耀晨曦 (phab) Shizhao (phab), Liuxinyu970226 (phab), Borschts
Polish Wikipedia Wargo (phab) Tar Lócesilion (phab) Peter Bowman (phab)
Wikisource user group VIGNERON (phab)
Portuguese Wikipedia Rafaelliot Gustavo Borges Matos HenriqueCrang, Chico Venancio (phab)
Dutch Wikipedia Sjoerddebruin (phab)

Orlando of Arrakon "Kharakovh"

Mbch331 (phab)
Ukrainian Wikipedia Tohaomg (phab)
Hebrew Wikipedia IKhitron (phab)
Swedish Wikipedia Vesihiisi (sv, phab) SarahLindeau (sv, phab)
Hungarian Wikipedia Tgr (phab) Bencemac (hu, phab)
Korean Wikipedia -revi (phab) Ryuch (phab)
Arabic Wikipedia علاء (phab) ArabCom عادل, Sandra Hanbo, Osama Eid, Seefali
Czech Wikipedia Matěj Suchánek (phab)
Wiktionary user group Psychoslave The living love Automatik (phab)
Persian Wikipedia Ladsgroup (phab)
Catalan Wikipedia Vriullop (phab) Toniher (phab)
Turkish Wikipedia Superyetkin (phab), Vikipolimer (phab) HakanIST (phab)
Tamil Wikipedia Kaartic (phab), Vishwa
Telugu Wikipedia Kasyap Newwikiwave (phab)
Serbian Wikipedia Zoranzoki21 (phab)
Gujarti Wikipedia Mahesh Ravariya
Tiv Wikipedia Stephen Vanenge kirill Rivera Briones
Indonesian Wikipedia Rtnf (phab) Rachmat04 (phab) Sphiera
Sylheti Wikipedia User:ꠢꠣꠍꠘ ꠞꠣꠎꠣ incubator:User_talk:ꠢꠣꠍꠘ ꠞꠣꠎꠣ
Sylheti Wikinews User:ꠢꠣꠍꠘ ꠞꠣꠎꠣ incubator:User_talk:ꠢꠣꠍꠘ ꠞꠣꠎꠣ

Other communities


Please do not change the communities in the table above. You are welcome to add yourself and your other communities to the table below and to expand it when necessary.

Community Active ambassador name here Active ambassador name here Other ambassadors
WUG Esperanto and Free Knowledge Psychoslave KuboF Hromoslav
Finnish Wikipedia Stryn (phab)
Italian Wikiversity Samuele2002
Nigerian Wikipedia Laru0004 Jamie Tubers (phab) Kaizenify
Asturian Wikipedia Oriciu
Cantonese Wikipedia Deryck Chan
Bangla Wikipedia Aishik Rehman (phab), NahidSultan, ZI Jony (phab) MD Abu Siyam Jhalmuri
Yoruba Wikipedia Jamie Tubers (phab)
Polish Wiktionary Peter Bowman (phab)
Spanish Wiktionary Peter Bowman (phab)
Bulgarian Wikipedia Luchesar (phab)
Hindi Wikipedia Shad Mirza J ansari Aviram7
Wikispecies Dan Koehl Tommy Kronkvist Hopeandlink
Sindhi Wikipedia JogiAsad (phab) Mehtab Ahmed
Romanian Wikipedia Strainu
Vietnamese Wikipedia Trần Nguyễn Minh Huy (phab) CookieGMVN (phab)
Thai Wikipedia Tris T7 (phab, Tris T7) B20180 (phab) Patsagorn Y. (phab)
Wikimedia Incubator Anis amouri StevenJ81 Haoreima, Awangba, Liuxinyu970226
Punjabi Wikipedia User:indersb
Nepali Wikipedia Tulsi Bhagat (phab)
Hausa Wikipedia The Living love (phab) Bello Na'im (talk)
Malay Wikipedia SNN95
Meitei Wikipedia Haoreima, Luwanglinux (phab)
Central Kurdish wikipedia
Albanian Wikipedia Klein Muçi(Phab)
Marathi Wikipedia usernamekiran (en, mr, phab)
Antartica Wikipedia Stormeater44
Dagbani Wikipedia Alhassan Mohammed Awal
Hausa Wikipedia 787IYO
Swahili Wikipedia Eben
Kannada Wikipedia ~aanzx (phab)
Fulfulde Wikipedia Musaddam Idriss South Africa Wikipedia. User :Junior Moremi

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Useful resources

  • mw:Newsletter:Tech Showcase – Fresh software for Wikimedia caught on the spot. Plans, prototypes, releases... Do you have a scoop? Tell us on the related talk page.


  1. This table was provided by the former Community Relations. Its targets are "communities from the top 25 projects" (by very active editors, in March 2017. It was tweaked to include selected sister projects' usergroups).