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Dan Albert John Koehl
Meta-Wiki User number 229 from Monday September 30, 2002.



23:18 • May 27, 2022
Autopatrolled and Patroller user in Meta-Wiki

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Dan Koehl
NameDan Koehl
Birth date28.10.1959
Time zoneUTC+7
LocationPhnom Penh, Cambodia
CountryFlag of Sweden Sweden
Number of edits+200 000
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zoology, taxonomy, paleontology, history, genealogy

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IRC-Nick: DanKoehl
ICQ: 4046787
Skype: DanKoehl
E-Mail: email

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Committed identity: 1731b7d2d437dacd3a240e5cda4e5bc9c7a13f1f is a SHA-1 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

I have nothing to do with this fake account Dan KoehI, which was setup by someone else, but I herebye confirm that I am identical with the person described in en:Dan Koehl.

I am Meta-Wiki user nr 229 and Patroller, a Swedish man, professionally an elephant trainer, and a wikipedia user and contributor since 30th of September 2002, and active on several projects as a member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team, Wikimedia genealogy project and contributing user and editor, picture uploader, rollbacker, file mover, page mover, patroller, admin, checkuser and bureaucrat. link

Since 2015 I am also member of the Wikimedia OTRS team (global since 2017)with access to:

info-en. info-no, info-sv, Junk, permissions, photosubmission, Probably-Spam and Sister projects: Commons, Wikivoyage and Wikispecies.

I am Identified to the Wikimedia Foundation and Member of Wikimedia Sverige, can be reached by my Meta-Wiki talk page, by email, or can be found on the IRC with the nic: DanKoehl in #wikipedia-svconnect, #wikidataconnect, #wikispeciesconnect, #wikivoyageconnect, #wikimedia-genealogyconnect, ##wikimedia-otrsconnect.


I am mainly active in the following wikis:


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