I am Vishwa.R ( aka code-reaper08 ) I am a continuous learner and explorer who love to dive deep into the Javascript Ocean. A GitHub Developer Program Member.

My native is Tamil, and I am well versed in Tamil, English, and a bit of Hindi too.

Supervisor @ GWOC

Contributor @ python

Reported a bug @ npm

Contributor @ TypeScript

With no wonder, I am an UnderGrad pursuing Computer Science and Engineering as my major field of study in India.

Guess these below points would fit me in,

  1. I am a Student.
  2. I love to play and watch Football.
  3. I love programming.
  4. I feel rebel.
  5. I vibe to 2pac, Bob Marley, and Freddie.

What I am doing currently

I am currently in the process of learning React.js and MongoDB. In the meantime I love to make simple frontends, to actually get a hang of CSS.

My GitHub: https://github.com/code-reaper08