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Visual guidelines
Translation (requests)

We would like to have monthly podcasts, to be advertised on the wikimediafoundation website.

Policy Highlight - Policy of the month

Tips & Tricks - How to Clip

  • How to create a new entry
  • How to deal with a heated debate
  • How to upload a file

Minds Behind Wikimedia and Open Source - Featured speaker every month

  • Ward Cunningham
  • Heather Ford
  • Benjamin Mako Hill
  • Mitch Kapor
  • Jimmy Wales

Wikimedia Around the World - Interview with different chapters - chapter history, chapter/community/project relationship, etc.

Fundraising Messages

  • Wish List
  • Why contribute
  • Our Vision/Mission

Current News (Sign Post, Wikizine, Volunteer information or highlight, personal story, project news)

  • Each month changes, depending on current news...must find key contacts to give update.