CivilServant's Wikimedia studies/Summit Stockholm 2019

On August 19th, 2019, CivilServant will host a Research Summit with Wikipedians to discuss how Wikipedia projects can test your ideas to help your communities thrive.

Notes from the CivilServant Research Summit in Berlin in October 2018

We know Wikipedians develop countless ways to improve their Wikipedia projects - designing and sending welcome messages, creating guides, developing ways to monitor contributions and give feedback, etc. - but sometimes it is hard to tell if those tools have the positive effects that communities hope for. CivilServant can help design and run evaluations - in collaboration with community members - to discover what tools and practices are working best. Along the way, we also hope to contribute to scientific knowledge.

The English-language summit, held in Stockholm the day after Wikimania, will support Wikipedians to imagine and develop evaluations of ideas that your communities are interested to test. To make the event open to Wikipedians regardless of your prior research experience, we will include an introduction to some of the research methods that we use at CivilServant. We hope many of the ideas developed at the summit will turn into collaborations in 2020.

If you are interested to attend, please tell us about yourself and submit an application on this Google form (Applications received by June 10th, 2019 will be given first consideration. As of June 11th we are no longer able to accept applications for full scholarships.).

Funding & Scholarships


We recognize that not everyone will have the resources to join our event and are making available a limited number of scholarship opportunities:

  • Full scholarships to attend the Research Summit and Wikimania (travel, 5 nights accommodations & applicable visa support)
  • Summit scholarships to attend the Research Summit (2 nights accommodation)

Scholarships will be prioritized for applicants who have a demonstrated commitment to their Wikipedia community and have experience leading projects and building consensus. Applicants from non-OECD nations will also be given special consideration.

Draft Agenda:

  • 9:00am: Coffee and pastries
  • 9:30am: Introductions: CivilServant researchers and summit participants will introduce ourselves and what brought us to the summit
  • 10:00am: Research design and ethics

CivilServant researchers introduce the basics of experimental research design (including random assignment, measurement, power analysis) and research ethics (including consent and debriefing). We will also discuss CivilServant's collaborative process of research design and community consent. Our principles of Citizen Behavioral Science aim to respect the dignity of individual participants and the integrity of the community.

  • 12:00pm: Share ideas for tools communities are interested in testing: Participants will share tools they are interested in testing in their communities and form groups with others interested in testing similar interventions.
  • 12:30pm: Lunch
  • 1:30pm: Workshop research designs

In groups, participants will go through the steps of crafting a research design, including defining the interventions and what outcome measures to use in evaluations. Participants will also discuss any concerns their communities may have with the study, how to mitigate those concerns with a design that respects the norms and integrity of the community, and how to build community consent.

  • 3:30pm: Lessons learned

Participants will regroup to share their designs and discuss the challenges of developing research designs.

  • 4:30pm: Next steps

Who will attend


Note: If you applied to attend the summit (using the link above) by June 10th, you have a spot at the summit. If you were not able to apply by June 10th and would like to attend, please add your name below. Update, July 16: We are currently at capacity, but are working to be able to expand participation. If we are able to welcome more participants we will contact those below (in order that they signed up).

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