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Iste pagina es un categoria.

Isto es un collection de questiones principal concernente le projectos e le movimento.

Alcunes de istes ha guidate le disveloppamento de instrumentos e politicas currente.

Alcunes es themas difficile, dilemmas, e themas tactic o strategic persistente que non es ancora disveloppate o resolvite.

Cata un debe haber un pagina que summarisa le stato actual del politica, planification e prioritates associate al question.


  • Some issues were last addressed a long time ago, and the currently linked page needs significant updating.
  • Some issues haven't been addressed on a single page on Meta, and more work is needed to combine the various pages here into a summary page. In these cases only a single top-level page is listed in this category; please search Meta for additional relevant work (in particular, specific chapters or language-projects may have documented their own regional approach to these issues).
  • Many issues were also addressed on the dedicated Strategy wiki and should be transwikied back here. (Our conclusion in 2011, when that wiki was closed to new edits, was that the strategy wiki should be merged back into Meta.)

Issues don't necessarily need immediate resolution, they just need to be read once in a while and updated. A lot of positions, including positions in judgmental or biased language, have to evolve before an issue can be considered to be well-elaborated. If a page becomes confusing, the TIPAESA format can be used to keep multiple positions and viewpoints in line on the same page.


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