Cascadia Wikimedians/2017 report

Activities and impact report edit

2017 was a subdued year, although Cascadia Wikimedians partook in several edit-a-thons and public events.

Financial statement edit

Conference participation edit

Annual meeting edit

Board composition edit

The current board and officer assignments are below:

2016-01-01 through 2018-12-31 terms (3 year)
  • Peaceray
  • Benjamin Mako Hill
2018-01-01 through 2020-12-31 terms (3 year)
  • SounderBruce
  • Jmabel
  • Bri

We have 4 remaining open seats on our board that may be appointed by the other board members, or may be filled during the next regular election.

Officer appointments edit

  • President: Peaceray (continuing from 2017)
  • Vice President: Benjamin Mako Hill (continuing from 2017)
  • Treasurer: Bri (continuing from 2017)

Bri will act as the Secretary until we fill this role.

List of annual reports edit