Cascadia Wikimedians/December 2017 board meeting

Annual meeting -- Seattle Public Library Capitol Hill Branch


Ray / user:Peaceray, president
Joe / user:Jmabel
Bruce / user:SounderBruce
Brian / user:Bri, treasurer
Lane / user:Bluerasberry (via teleconference)

Treas (Brian) announced that the insurance for Wiki Cascadia as a nonprofit organization lapsed at the end of October. Wiki Cascadia need to re-up

Minutes edit

  1. January event - MLK Day - Wiki Day, 15 January
    • We plan something at UW
    • Mako is involved since the October meeting and will be providing a room at UW
  2. needs a new host; our provider is going under
    • We should be able to maintain the .wiki domain
    • Ray can have it hosted from's service
    • $15 annual will be paid by Ray as an in-kind donation
  3. Notes on general interest, future directions
    1. Local issues coverage - how to improve? Should it be part of our mission?
      • Lane on NYC coverage: NYC is target rich. We could have some response to something. Cascadia is different. What should we do? We need an organizer; if it's personal interest this leads to organizers.
      • How do we go about deciding what our priorities are?
      • When we (NYCers) have decided to do something, we want to be of interest to multiple projects and multiple people at the same time. Suggest including a host (e.g. library) who is also interested. Do something once and "claim credit" multiple times.
      • Professional interest -- librarians, professors, museums -- people who get paid are "a lot more motivated" to make sure it goes well -- it is hard to get solid volunteer time.
      • How to report and disclosed wrt paid editing, paid involvement? Think about staff time of librarians as being compensated labor.
      • Hypothetical - Google API writeups? It is not hypothetical, a commercial organization offered Wiki NYC 25k dollars to present Wiki events at universities to encourage student editing of an academic topic, en:virtual reality. Wiki NYC did not accept this because of lack of infrastructure to meet expectations, but many aspects of the proposal seemed positive.
      • Joe says it's key that the money doesn't come with strings attached wrt content.
    2. We are interested in filling in history of the region more than companies … history of (Cascadia topics)
      • Future directions
      • We should revive the WikiProject Seattle topics and expand them.
      • Help keep GA articles de-listed
      • Improve the Seattle Architecture article
      • en:Chin Gee Hee could be another
      • Next year (2019) will be the 150th anniv of Seattle incorporation - we could look for City participation in items of interest

Business edit

Bank balance $316.18
At halfway point for terms
Terms ending this year Dec 31 2017
Interim appointment
Another Believer
Board reappointments
Ray moved that Brian, Joe, Bruce be reappointed
Lane agreed; terms renewed until EOY 2020 (three year term)
Current officer appointments are unchanged by motion
Advice from an accountant who is Ray's acquaintance
Advised that we keep using Xero for a publicly accessible/viewable document
Would be better for us than doing it on paper
Cost would be about $9 per month
We think the accounting file is still there ready to "rehydrate"
Expected income
Amazon smile
United Way (don't know exact month)