Cascadia Wikimedians/2016 report

Activities and impact reportEdit

Our edit-a-thon activity was severely curtailed from 2015 to 2016. Both of our main partners for edit-a-thons, the University of Washington libraries and the Wing Luke Museum, had turnover in personnel, and although we had contact with them, there was no response about co-sponsoring edit-a-thons.

Beside our monthly meetups and annual meeting, the public facing activities that we had were:

Financial statementEdit

Conference participationEdit

Peaceray (middle) at Wikimedia Conference 2016, Berlin
SounderBruce (left) at GLAM Boot Camp, Washington, D.C.
Mako (left) presenting the State of Wikimedia Research. Wikimania 2016

Annual meetingEdit

Board compositionEdit

No members stood for election to the January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2019 term. The current board and officer assignments are below:

2016-01-01 through 2018-12-31 terms (3 year)
  • Peaceray
  • Benjamin Mako Hill
  • Pine
2016-01-01 through 2017-12-31 terms (2 year, initial staggered)
  • SounderBruce
  • Jmabel
  • Brianhe
Board appointment to fill a vacant seat until next election (2017-01-01 through 2017-12-31)
  • Another Believer (continuing from 2016 board)

We have 2 remaining open seats on our board that may be appointed by the other board members, or may be filled during the next regular election.

Officer re-appointmentsEdit

  • President: Peaceray (continuing from 2016)
  • Vice President: Benjamin Mako Hill (continuing from 2016)
  • Treasurer: Brianhe (continuing from 2016)

Brianhe will act as the Secretary until we fill this role.

Other businessEdit

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