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Introduction edit

This plan details the proposed activities for the upcoming grant year upon consultations with the community. Based on experience and lessons learnt, CIS-A2K has charted this plan with the support of the Telugu Wikimedia community. In addition to improving quality, content, and expanding the editor base, this work plan identifies two priorities:

  • Formulating an exit strategy by sustaining programmatic activities(such as grooming community leadership) and
  • Increasing the reach of Telugu Wikimedia projects

Performance against plans edit

Tangible impact edit

  • Tangible impact of CIS-A2K activities conducted during July 2016 to December 2016 are explained using Global metrics:
No. of Editors No. of Active Editors Involved No. of Individuals Involved # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages No. of Articles/entries added/improved on Wikimedia projects Absolute bytes added/deleted to Wikimedia projects
72 24 635 130 133+2216 folios 5.53 MB

Values in the table are according to the cohort analysis before '''31 January 2016'''.

Performance against targets edit

- Target Progress (at end of Q2) End of year (projected or actual)
# of newly registered users 450 72 450
# of active editors involved 125 24 50
# of individuals involved 800 635 900
# of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages 500 130 500
# of new images/media uploaded (optional) 1500 44 1500
# of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 3850+1400 folios 133+2216 2500+3000 folios
Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects 2,320,000 5,999,222 10,000,000

Needs assessment edit

  • CIS-A2K conducts both annual and monthly needs assessment in collaboration with the community. CIS-A2K conducts needs assessment during its outreach activities, community meet-ups and IRC discussions. The needs articulated through these channels inform the design of our outreach activities and skill building initiatives.
  • Community is consulted actively for all programs both at the level of design and at the level of implementation. Feedback provided by the community regarding the activity is documented for future references. We have taken community members permission to include their comments:
Program Wikimedia Strategy Nature of Activity Community Suggestion Wikimedia Project Projection
Reach out to wider Telugu community Increasing reach,

User cultivation

Social media and media publicity * Reach out to more people using social media channels
  • Send mass emails to Telugu people
  • Try to get some celebrities on board and generate publicity around it
  • Featuring Telugu Wikipedia as op-eds and cover stories in Telugu newspapers and magazines
  • Create interesting campaigns for the general public to upload photos on Commons.
Telugu Wikipedia, Telugu Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons
  • Featuring Telugu Wikipedia in various print media and magazines
  • Enabling the creation of a social media strategy for Telugu Wikipedia which will be run by volunteers supported by Program person
Creating resources User cultivation Creating video resources and booklets * Create video resources which explain how to contribute to Wikipedia and Wikisource
  • Record snippets explaining why that is useful to Wikimedia projects
  • Publish booklets that help how to learn about basics of Wikipedia and distribute them
Telugu Wikipedia, Telugu Wikisource, Wikimedia commons
  • Creating and utilising Know How and Know Why videos on essential and basic aspects of Telugu Wikipedia
  • Printing booklets and utilising them in meetups and Workshops
Training existing and budding Wikipedians Capacity building Training
  • Conduct training sessions for individual community members according to their needs
  • As these existing Wikipedians are committed to the growth of Wikipedia, training them in aspects they want to learn will then enable them to contribute more
Telugu Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata To strengthen 15-20 existing Wikipedians in advanced aspects
Resource Exchange Program Improving content, Improving quality, Community building activity Resource Sharing
  • Creating a digital and physical resource center for Telugu Wikipedians
  • Sharing resources requested by Wikipedians in order to support their activity
Telugu Wikipedia
  • Improves quality of 60 existing articles and creation of 200 new articles
  • At least 10 existing and new Wikipedians will be supported with resource
Working with Communities of Interest Improving content, Improving quality Workshops & Edit-a-thons
  • Collaborating with communities that are already producing knowledge in their areas of interest
  • Chalking out a plan where they can contribute to Wikimedia projects
  • Conducting workshops, edit-a-thons and creating Wiki projects
Telugu Wikipedia, Telugu Wikisource, Wikimedia commons
  • Improves quality of 150 existing articles and creating 75 articles
  • Getting 5-10 new active Wikipedians on board
Diversifying community User cultivation, Improving content Workshops
  • To organise Wikipedia workshops in areas with less participation
  • Conducting workshops in Nellore, Tirupathi (Andhra Pradesh_
  • Organising workshops in various places of Telangana
  • Conducting workshops for getting more female Wikipedians on board
Telugu Wikipedia and Telugu Wikisource
  • Getting 200 new Wikipedians on board
  • Creating 150 articles and improving 50 existing articles
Energising Wikipedia Meetups User cultivation, Training Meetups
  • To change format of existing Wikipedia meetups and energise them
  • Learning, collaborating and having fun will be incorporated into of these meetups
Telugu Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons
  • Training at least 10 existing Wikimedians
  • Expanding Wikipedia meetups to a new city (either Guntur or Vijayawada)
Re-licensing into CC-BY-SA and digitisations Improving content, Improving quality Content acquisition, Digitisation
  • Re-licensing useful reference materials and other kinds of literature into CC-BY-SA license
  • Conducting Scan-a-thons, sessions to train student Wikipedians on OCR and other digitisation aspects
  • Rolling out digitisation and proofreading sprints
Telugu Wikisource
  • Re-licensing 20 works that have either reference value or literary value
  • Training 30 new student Wikimedians in OCR, proof-reading and other digitisation steps
Technical support Technical & MediaWiki development, awareness Training, MediaWiki Development Telugu Wikipedia, Telugu Wikisource
  • Improving technical support to community
  • Creating Technical leadership within community

Implementation plan edit

Increasing Reach edit

Reach out wider Telugu community

In a telephonic survey conducted in India, 25% of the participants said they have never heard about Wikipedia. Telugu Wikimedia community members, like te:User:Chaduvari and User:Bhaskaranaidu, suggested that reaching out to more Telugu people would eventually lead to more participation in projects.

During November 2016 - January 2017 Telugu Wikipedians co-organised Wikipedia stalls in 3 book festivals in different cities in order to improve awareness & reach of Telugu Wikipedia
  • Social media strategy: Supporting and helping community members devise a project/portal for social media strategy for Telugu Wikimedia projects. An on-wiki portal dedicated to strategize and implement social media activities of Telugu Wikipedia's official pages will function as the central place for all social media activities related to Telugu Wikimedia projects.
  • Op-eds and features in print and digital media: On 5 November 2006, Telugu Wikipedia was featured in the Sunday magazine of the most widely circulated Telugu Daily - Eenadu. This is considered a major milestone in the development of Telugu Wikipedia by community members. In the days following the publication, the highest number of new users were registered and they started editing on Telugu Wikipedia. So, pushing to get op-eds and features in Sunday magazines, magazines, and dailies will raise awareness about Telugu Wikipedia.
  • Support from celebrities and legends: Fandom plays a key role in Telugu culture. Taking support from celebrities and legendary figures in Telugu entertainment and social life will improve reach.
  • Reaching out using electronic media: Programs conducted on electronic media also play a key role in influencing Telugu households. Reaching out via electronic media helps raise awareness about Wikipedia.
  • Social media strategy:
    • Creating a social media strategy portal with community collaboration and channelising the community's activities according to the strategy and guidelines agreed upon in community discussion.
    • Conducting online training sessions for community leaders who are trying to make their social media presence felt to learn how to utilise social media as a platform to spread awareness about the movement.
    • Following up and supporting new Wikipedians emerging out of social media reach.
  • Op-eds and features in print media and digital media:
    • List out various features and special pages in newspapers and magazines in which positive stories about Wikipedia will fit into
    • Create positive stories around occasions, Wikipedians and other aspects of the movement which also cater to the interests of the readers
    • Send out to columns, op-eds and other features which we identify as fitting into our strategy
  • Support from celebrities and legends:
    • Taking support from branding organisations which currently curate branding of celebrities to get them on board
    • Creating videos that express celebrities' support to Telugu Wikipedia and urge people to contribute
  • Reaching out using electronic media:
    • Promoting Telugu Wikipedia on electronic media programs were viewers are given tips and suggestions on different topics of interest; tips on getting started on Telugu Wikipedia could be a part of these programs
    • Getting the success stories of existing Wikipedians to be feature on programs that deal with inspiring stories in electronic media
  • Social media portal for facilitating discussions about strategy of social media and also help Wikipedians to request posts that they would like to see and curate the social media channels
  • Post 700 Share-a-facts on Telugu Wikipedia Facebook page and feature at least 30 active Wikipedians on social media campaigns
  • Publishing at least 12 feature articles about Telugu Wikipedia in media
  • Reach at least 300 individuals, cultivate 20 new editors out of social media
  • Get at least 50 photos onto Wikimedia Commons that will be featured on Telugu Wikipedia

If a large number of Telugu people got to know that there is something called Telugu Wikipedia and they can edit it. Tap digital media, print media and electroninc media to reach out more Telugu people which inturn result in more active editors in Telugu Wikipedia

— User:Chaduvari during community consultation

Strengthening existing community edit

Creating Movement Resources

Know how videos or screen capture videos are videos that demonstrate the utilization of tools or how to work with a certain feature. Know Why videos, on the other hand, are very small interviews of various Wikipedians to address the rationale behind using the Wikipedia tool or feature


Creation of Know-how and Know-Why videos and other resources that help Wikimedians.

  • Create video resources which explain how to do something on Wikipedia and Wikisource
  • Record snippets explaining why doing something on Wikipedia or Wikisource is useful to Wikimedia projects
  • Publish and distribute booklets that help learn the basics of Wikipedia
  • Create 25+ Know How and Know Why videos about Telugu Wikipedia and Wikisource
  • Printing booklets and utilising them in meetups and workshops
  • Publicising these videos using Television (Mana TV), YouTube channels and social media.

Grooming Community leaders

Telugu Wikipedian and Telangana Historian Katta Srinivas Rao participating in National level Train-the-Trainer 2016

As part of the exit strategy, an intense training session will be conducted to groom community leaders. Transition of institutional contacts to community leaders and developing rapport with institutional partners will also take place during different activities

  • Conducting a "Train The Trainer" session for community leaders of Telugu Wikipedia in order to groom leadership skills
  • Involving identified community leaders in discussions with institutional partners
  • To groom 7 Wikipedians in handling planning, execution and reporting of events that helps expand existing community leadership

Training existing and budding Wikipedians

During last workplan some of the community meetups were used to facilitate advanced user training

Customized training to community members - advanced Wikipedia and Wikisource training for active users and basic technical training for emerging Wikipedians

  • Conducting advanced Wikipedia and Wikisource user sessions for existing active users to help them learn about the advanced aspects of Wikipedia editing
  • Conducting technical session to help emerging Wikipedians
  • Conduct online training sessions for individual community members according to their specific requirements
  • To strengthen 15 existing Wikipedians and 20 emerging Wikipedians in advanced aspects and technical aspects

Energizing Wikipedia Meetups

Among the long standing city based Wikipedia meetups in India, the Hyderabad monthly meetup is one of the oldest ones. This gathering has great potential to make the meetup more productive in a programmatic context.

Hyderabad Wikipedia monthly meetup on July 2016

To energize community meetups conducted in Hyderabad by boosting learning, activity and community bonding. This activity will help in engaging existing Wikipedians and retaining of new Wikipedians from the city.

  • Increasing group learning where editors from the meetup will explain a tool or editing technique to other editors
  • Activities will be followed up with exercises where the participants can learn by doing what was taught
  • Regular one-on-one capacity building activities
  • Supporting local outreach
  • 10 new Wikipedians will be groomed into becoming active contributors to Telugu Wikimedia projects
  • 100 existing articles will be improved in terms of quality
  • 100 new photos will be added to Wikimedia Commons

Technical support


To bridge Telugu Wikipedians' technical needs with the help of community leadership and Indian Wikimedians who are technically sound

  • Facilitating periodic calls/IRC between Telugu Wikipedians and technically well-versed Indian Wikipedians in collaboration with Media Wiki Club, India
  • Conducting at least one monthly IRC/ Hangouts

Cultivating new editors edit

Working with Communities of Interest


Groups and organizations with interested amateurs and experts who share a common interest in a specific subject or activity(especially in knowledge sharing and gathering fields) are known as "Communities of Interest". We have tried to reach out to a small group of expert geologists and amateur film studies writers. Reaching out to these communities of interest will help turn passionate knowledge gatherers into Wikimedians while also getting their content onto Wikipedia projects.

  • Identifying various communities of interest, especially those working in the digital space
  • Create a plan in which some of their interests and activities integrate into contributions to Wikimedia projects
  • Conduct specifically targetted workshops and online sessions for the communities of interest
  • Groom the communities of interest with advanced training sessions
  • Improve quality of 150 existing articles and create 100 new articles
  • 30 new Wikipedians and grooming 8 of them into active Wikipedians

Diversifying community


During last year's work plan, CIS-A2K's Telugu Wikipedia activities were mainly conducted in Hyderabad, Guntur, Vijayawada and Rajahmundry. This year, we aim to expand to other parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by conducting outreach and tapping into the potential in these cities and towns.

  • Conducting a series of workshops in Telangana area to various groups.
  • Conducting workshops in areas that have less representation, like Nellore, Ongole, Tirupathi, et al
  • Conducting workshops to improve participation of women
  • Enlisting nearly 150 new Wikipedians from different areas
  • 50 new women Wikipedians will be enlisted to Telugu Wikipedia

Improving quality and content edit

Resource Exchange Program


To support the community by providing resources which help in engaging existing community members and improving content and quality.

  • Creating a digital and physical resource center for the use of Telugu Wikipedians.
  • Sharing resources requested by Wikipedians in order to support their activities
  • Improve quality of 60 existing articles and create 200 new articles
  • At least 10 existing and new Wikipedians will be supported with resources

Relicensing into CC-BY-SA and digitizations


To get photos that are useful to Wikimedia projects and books that have literary and reference value into CC-BY-SA licenses. To conduct image-a-thons and digit-a-thons to use these photos in Telugu Wikipedia and digitise books in Telugu Wikisource.

  • To convince authors who whose works have considerable literary and reference value to license their works into CC-BY-SA
  • To get in touch with authors and identify potential works to get re-licensed; collaborate with existing Wikipedians who are already in the literary field.
  • To get government institutions and departments to re-license their photo gallery to CC-BY-SA licenses.
  • Conducting image-a-thons and digit-a-thons to use these photos in Telugu Wikipedia pages and digitise books in Wikisource.
  • Re-licensing 20 works that have either reference value or literary value
  • Getting at least 800 images to be released into CC-BY-SA and uploaded to Commons
  • Improving 200 pages by adding new photos

Quality improvement efforts

  • Improving village stub articles: Improving village articles is an important concern on Telugu Wikipedia. Currently, a project is working to improve Telugu Wikipedia articles from information produced out of the Indian census data. Involving more contributors in this project by conducting edit-a-thons to increase and improve the quality of articles related to villages.
  • Cleaning up machine translated articles project: To improve the quality of machine translated articles created during Google translation project. Google translated articles are considered to be one of the major quality problems for Telugu Wikipedia. User:Arjunaraoc created a page to track the issues related to these articles and conducted a small sample survey in which only 1 out of 7 was found to be of acceptable quality and 3 out of 7 needed several changes to improve their quality. CIS-A2K recently helped prioritize these articles and improve them. CIS-A2K will continue announcing and coordinating these iterations every month.
  • Improving movie stub articles: Many Telugu movie articles are stubs on Telugu Wikipedia. This is an important quality concern for Telugu Wikipedia. The aim is to improve these articles into start class.
  • Improving village stub articles:
    • Conducting edit-a-thons for improving stub articles on villages in which information about these villages which is developed using census data.
  • Cleaning up machine translated articles project
    • Conducting monthly iterations of the Google translated articles prioritization exercise.
    • Conducting training sessions on Wikipedia translation tool for Wikipedians interested in this project.
  • Improving Movie stub articles
    • Collaborating with amateurs working in film studies and film criticism.
    • Conducting edit-a-thons in which amateur film critics and existing community members interested in movies will contribute to improving Telugu movie stub articles of a particular theme.
    • Resources that will be useful for improving movie stubs will be provided to interested Wikipedians.
    • Improving 1000 articles.
    • Getting 5 new active Wikipedians on board.

Wikipedia Education Program

Fr. Kishore, principal of Andhra Loyola college speaking in valedictory of Wikisource sprint

The Wikipedia Education Program in Telugu has been successful in getting more content onto Wikimedia projects, especially on Telugu Wikisource. As per lessons learnt from working with institutions and suggestions from community members, we will be focusing on content, Telugu Wikisource and improving collaboration between institutions and community members for this grant year. In the current grant year(2016-17), activities in educational institutions were successful due to the incorporation of the Wikimedians' suggestions (on village pump announcements and discussions). We aim to continue their active involvement in planning events, execution and evaluation of the activities.

  • To organise Telugu Wikisource workshops for students in WEP
  • Conducting Wikisource sprints that help digitization of books in Telugu Wikisource
  • Facilitating events that are led by the community in colleges that work with WEP
  • Improving participation of active Wikipedians in WEP events in order to make the program more sustainable and fruitful
  • 100 student Wikimedians will create accounts; will learn about digitization aspects and work on Telugu Wikisource
  • 3500 folios to be digitized in Telugu Wikisource

Metrics edit

Global Metrics overview edit

Metric Expected outcome
Participants 407
Newly Registered 380
Content Pages 1,860 - Wikipedia pages improved or added

950 - Images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons 3,500 - folios digitized on Telugu Wikisource

Footprint tracker 10
Value Of bytes deleted 1,500,000 bytes

Activity wise Global Metrics edit

Metric Strengthening existing community Cultivating new editors Improving quality and content Increasing reach
Participants 407
Newly registered 380
Content pages 2,810[1] + 3,500 folios
Footprint tracker 10
Value of bytes deleted 1,500,000

Other Metrics edit

Social media Magazines & News papers Creating Videos
Reaching out to wider Telugu Community Discussing strategy and posting at least 700+ share-a-facts in social media 12 op-eds, features
Creating movement resources 25 videos[2]

Strategic priority of activities edit

Projects Nature of Activity Take away
Reach out wider Telugu community Telugu Wikipedia,

Wikimedia Commons, Telugu Wikisource, Telugu Wikiquote

Social Media strategy,

Social Media reach, Print Media engagement, Electronic media engagement

Increasing Reach,

Cultivating New users, Grooming community leadership

Creating Movement Resources Telugu Wikipedia,

Wikimedia Commons, Telugu Wikisource

Creating Tutorial Videos,


Increasing Reach,

User cultivation, stabilizing programmatic efforts

Grooming more community leaders Telugu Wikipedia,

Telugu Wikisource

Conducting Training session Stabilizing programmatic efforts,

Grooming community leadership

Training to existing and budding Wikipedians Telugu Wikipedia,

Telugu Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons

Conducting Training Sessions Capacity Building
Energizing Wikipedia Meetups Telugu Wikipedia,

Wikimedia Commons


Training, Edit-a-thons

Capacity Building,

User Cultivation, Engaging existing community

Technical support Telugu Wikipedia,

Telugu Wikisource

IRCs/Video Calls Addressing Technical issues,

Grooming community leadership

Working with Communities of Interest Telugu Wikipedia,

Telugu Wikisource


Outreach, Building partnerships

Improving Content,

Improving Quality, User Cultivation

Diversifying community Telugu Wikipedia,

Telugu Wikisource


Edit-a-thons, Workshops

User Cultivation,

Improving content

Resource Exchange Program Telugu Wikipedia Resource exchange Engaging existing community,

Improving content, Improving quality

Relicensing into CC-BY-SA and digitizations Telugu Wikisource,

Wikimedia Commons, Telugu Wikipedia

Content Donation drives,

Imagethons, Digitization sprints

Content Donation,

Improving quality, Improving content

Quality improvement efforts Telugu Wikipedia Prioritization exercise,

Edit-a-thons, Resource exchange

Improving quality,

Improving content, User cultivation

Wikipedia Education Program Telugu Wikisource Workshops,

Digitization sprints

Improving content,

Improving quality

Budget edit

Serial number Expenditure Item FDC Support (INR) FDC Support (US$)
Conversion rate:   1 → US$ 0.015
1 Salary 455,400 6,831
2 Travel and stay 100,000 1,500
3 Events and meetup 100,000 1,500
4 Digitization 35,000 525
5 Miscellaneous 15,000 225
Total 705,400 10,581
6 In-kind support 144,000[3] 2,160
Grand total 849,400 12,741

Activity-wise Budget edit

Serial number Expenditure Item FDC Support (INR) FDC Support (US$)
Conversion rate:   1 → US$ 0.015
1 Salary 455,400 6,831
2 Skill building 80,000 1,200
3 Content Enrichment Activities 60,000 900
4 WEP 50,000 750
5 GLAM 45,000 675
6 Miscellaneous 15,000 225
Sub Total 705,400 10,581
7 In-kind support 144,000[3] 2,160
Grand total 849,400 12,741

* In-kind support amount will be raised from external sources

Footnotes edit

  1. 950 encyclopedic images to be added to Wikimedia Commons, and 1,860 articles to be created or expanded
  2. These vidoes are Know-how and Know-why videos that help people understand how to contribute to Telugu Wikipedia and why
  3. a b Total number of bytes didn't include estimated bytes added via Wikisource folios