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This is pairt o the development plan for a wiki o functions.

In Abstract Wikipaedia, the “Abstract content” is representit in a leid-unthirled format whit is directlie eeditable bi the commonty. The local Wikipaedias can access an enrich their ain locallie controllit content wi “Abstract content” (frae Abstract Wikipaedia). This wey, the localised editions o Wikipaedia can wi less effort provide muckle mair content ti thair readers, content that is mair comprehensive, mair tap, an mair vettit nor whit maist local Wikipaedias can provide.

Gien research results an prototypes in the area o natural-leid generaition, it is unfortunatelie true that natural-leid generaition from the leid-unthirled "Abstract content" needs a "Turing-complete" seestem. But in order to clart the nummer o leids Wikipaedia needs to clart, this seestem maun be croudsoorcit. Tharefore we inn Wikifunctions, a project to craeft, catalogue, and maintain an open librar (or repositor) of "functions", which haes monie possible uise cases.

The main uise case is the development of “renderers” (i.e. som of the functions hostit or referencit in Wikifunctions) that turn the leid-unthirled “Abstract content” into natural-leid, uisin the linguistic an ontological knawledge available in Wikidata (or knawledge frae ither open data soorces wi suitable licensin requirements uisable in Wikipaedia, includin possiblie data frae ither Wikimedia projects like Wiktionar or Wikispecies).

The project will stairt wi craeftin the Wikifunctions project, and than uise this in order til enable the craeftin o Abstract Wikipaedia. Wikifunctions will launch 'ithin the first year, an we will add the development o Abstract Wikipedia in the saicont year. Efter twa years, we will have craeftit a ecoseestem that allous for the craeftin and maintenance o leid-unthirled “Abstract content”, an the integraition o this content 'ithin the Wikipaedias, significantlie increasin clartin, currency, an accuracy o monie individual Wikipaedias. This will muiv us dramaticallie closer til a warld whaur awbody can share in the sum of aw knawledge.

Continued in name o the wiki o functions.