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LinguaLibre's audio learning mobile app

Example of UI for multimedia dictionary.
  • Problem: The Wikimedia project (githublive by 0x010C) allows non-wikimedians volunteers to records hundreds of words in their languages very efficiently. Yet, these audios moving to the wiktionary, a tangible end-product with these hundreds audios datasets hardly materializes for the volunteer speakers and non-wikimedians.
  • Who would benefit: Larger public and wikimedians. Boost volunteer speakers motivation by providing immediat materialization of their recording efforts.
  • Proposed solution:
    ➊ Develop a template dictionary HTML/CSS/JS web app in the line of this very recent French Sign Language app (githublive by Lyhana8) or this Chinese Vocabulary app (githublive by myself).
    ➋ Implement technical solution so this template + other dataset from lingua libre = variation of the app with this other data set.
    ➌ Embed web app code via PhoneGap Build or alike so to produce and publish language-specific mobile apps, soon after recording sessions.
  • More comments: Other technical ways are welcome, but we need to have a "learning-this-dataset app" or "learning-this-dataset webpage".
  • Phabricator tickets: