Wikivoyage/List of Wikivoyagers by location

Wikivoyagers may sign this page to help arrange meetings in real life.

To sign, add your location and next to that add your user name by adding three tildes, like this ~~~, if you are already registered and have a user page here.

To link to your user page on your language version, just type in: [[:<language version>:User:<Loginname>|<Your preferred name>]],

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Bello Na'im (talk)

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  • Liberec (aka Reichenberg): Walta (user's ex residence)
  • Prag: Walta (user's actual residence)

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  • Berlin (east): Walta (user's ex residence)

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  • Locarno: Walta (user's ex residence)

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  • Grindelwald: Elb

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  • Istanbul: Walta (user's usual travel destination)

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