Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos Contest in Nigeria 2022

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos Contest in Nigeria 2022

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos Contest in Nigeria is an annual campaign where Wikipedians in Nigeria add photos to articles lacking images. This is to promote the use of digital media files collected from various Wikimedia photography contests, organized by the Wikimedia community, on Wikipedia article pages. Photos improve readers' experience, illustrate content, and make articles engaging. The campaign would also help sharpen the skills of new and existing editors.

How to participate

  1.   Check whether you're eligible. Eligibility rules have been revised in the 2022 edition and participants are required to have an account that's at least a year old.
  2.   Find an article that needs a photo. There are many ways to do this. Some tips.
  3.   Select the appropriate image on Commons. Click here to search for the image using the correct title or category. There are several ways to do this. See this simple media reuse guide. Additional tips.
  4.   On the article page, click Edit and insert the image selected in Step 3, including a brief caption in the WP's language. Check the display position in "Preview" and make any necessary changes. Then click on "Publish changes".
  5.   Include the hashtag #WPWPNG in the edit summary of all articles improved with images.
  6.   Please be mindful of the image syntax! If you are going to add images to the infoboxes in articles, the syntax is a lot easier — just the filename. You may also participate by creating new articles for quality photos.

Campaign rules

Images must be used between August 1st to August 31st 2021.
There is no limit to the number of files one can use. There are, however, different categories of prizes (see below).
The image must be published under a free use license or as public domain. The possible licenses are CC-BY-SA 4.0, CC-BY 4.0, CC0 1.0.
Participants must be a registered user on any Wikimedia project. Sign in or Create a new account on Wikipedia (You can create an account on any language Wikipedia, for use in your own WP and on all Wikimedia projects). The list of all languages of Wikipedia can be found here.
The image caption and description must be clear and be suitable for the article.
Participants must include the hashtag #WPWP and #WPWPNG in the Edit summary of all articles improved with images. For example: "+image #WPWP, +image #WPWPNG"

Campaign timeline

  • Start for entries: 12:00AM 1st August, 2022
  • Deadline for entries: 11:59PM 31st August, 2021
  • Results announcement: Before 30th September 2021

Prize categories


Winning Prizes for user(s) with the most image use on Wikipedia articles by editors from the Nigerian Wikipedia Community:

To be eligible:

  • you must add #WPWPNG as a hashtag to your edit.
  • you must have registered your account before January 2022
  • you must have made at least 200 mainspace edits to any language Wikipedia before 1st June 2021.

Prize categories (first 3)


Winning prizes for the user(s) with the most image usage on Wikipedia articles

  1. Wikimedia Nigeria branded box of goodies souvenirs + Certificate
  2. Wikimedia Nigeria branded box of goodies souvenirs + Certificate
  3. Wikimedia Nigeria branded box of goodies souvenirs + Certificate

Consolation prizes


4th place to 10th place





Kindly note that participants in other WPWP contests asides from the international one will not be eligible. To participate you just need to sign up on the participant's section. Got questions? Let's hear it.


To add your name, edit this section and type '#~~~~' below without quotes.

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