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Team Organizzativo

No. Nome Immagine Designazione Informazioni di contatto
01 Ammar A. Coordinatore Globale ammarpad(_AT_)
02 Olaniyan Olushola Olaniyan Olushola Co-Coordinatore olaniyanshola15(_AT_)
03 Macdanpets Logistics Manager macdanpets(_AT_)
04 Jamie Tubers Contest Facilitator
05 User:علاء Technical Manager (Wikimedia Stewards)
06 User:Bachounda Mohammed Bachounda Community Liaison, Arab Wikimedians Community
07 Rajeeb Dutta (User:Marajozkee) Rajeeb Dutta Jury coordinator marajozkee(_AT_)
08 Euphemia Uwandu (User:Ptinphusmia) Euphemia Uwandu Jury member sharpay136(_AT_)
09 Yamen Bousrih (User:Yamen) Yamen Bousrih Regional Ambassador, Arabic speaking countries yamenbousrih(_AT_)
10 Ceslause Ogbonnaya (User:Ceslause) Regional Ambassador, Francophone community
11 Camelia.boban (User:Camelia.boban) Community Liaison, Underrepresented and Emerging Communities camelia.boban(_AT_)
12 Anthony B. Diaz (User:Kunokuno) Anthony B. Diaz Member anthony.baduria12(_AT_)
13 Tulsi Bhagat Tulsi Bhagat during Maithili Wikimedians 1st meetup in Janakpur Communications Manager tulsibhagat50(_AT_)
14 Anthere Co-founder, Wiki In Africa (Advisor)
15 Alex Stinson Senior Program Strategist, Wikimedia Foundation (Advisor)
16 Isaac Olatunde Isaac facilitating a workshop in 2018 Consigliere reachout2isaac(_AT_)