Wikipedia 20/Collaborative Discussions/November 2020

The Wikimedia Foundation’s Wikipedia 20 team is holding a meeting for Wikimedians, affiliate leaders and Wikipedia 20 event organizers. The meeting aims at providing a space for collaborative discussions on Wikipedia 20 plans including event planning, designs, grants, messaging, translations, localizations & press support, and anything else related to the Wikipedia 20 celebrations.

Topics and questions for discussionEdit

If you have a question about Wikipedia 20 or a topic you would like to discuss during the meeting, please list it below.

  • Story sharing by previous organizers of Wikipedia 15 to inspire new organizers on what to do and what to expect for Wikipedia 20
  • What is WMF doing themselves online on January 15 or immediately after?

Date and timeEdit

The meeting will be held on 23 November 2020 from 1700 to 1800 UTC. Please follow this link to see the date and time in your local timezone.

Recording and meeting notesEdit


You can join this meeting using this link.

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