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The requirements to set up an officially recognized Wikimedia chapter are designed to be help groups meet the movement's expectations for them once they are recognized.

  1. Wikimedia supportive mission
    The mission of the organization must be in line with the mission and vision of the Wikimedia Foundation, as well as the guiding principles of the Wikimedia Foundation and principles of movement affiliates. Regardless of the chosen legal form or incorporation method, the chapter must have goals similar to those of the Wikimedia Foundation, and its activities should not stray from them.
  2. Geographic focus
    The chapter is geographically based/anchored in a legal jurisdiction. Unlike projects, which are language-based, chapters are entities which need a geographic base. This implies that they must be anchored in a country/jurisdiction which offers them the base for their legal structure. This base should be in the region in which they wish to serve. While there can be multiple user groups serving a similar or single geographic area, there can only be one chapter covering their designated geographic focus area.
  3. Legal structure
    The chapter must have a legal structure/corporation that is legally independent from the Wikimedia Foundation. Chapters are meant to give a real-life structure to projects that might arise from contributors or external parties in line with the goals of the Wikimedia Foundation. However, chapters are not meant to operate the Wikimedia projects nor to be legally responsible for the content of the projects. In order to achieve that, it is necessary that the legal structure chosen for the creation of a chapter is clearly independent from the Wikimedia Foundation. The organization's governing documents, generally by-laws, must be reviewed and approved by the Affiliations Committee.
  4. Critical mass of active Wikimedia contributor involvement
    The chapter must involve at least ten, preferably at least twenty, active contributors to the Wikimedia projects. An active contributor is defined as a members with 300 or more contributions to a Wikimedia project on a registered account that has existed for more than 6 months in good community standing (meaning they are not currently suspended or otherwise prevented from participating). While chapters should welcome the input of people who are not active contributors to the Wikimedia projects, they should not stay too far from the community. The active involvement of contributors to the Wikimedia projects is necessary for a chapter to be able to bring real-life initiatives tied to the Wikimedia projects to life. Initial membership should broadly reflect the intended scope, geographic area of activity, and chosen languages of operation of the organization.
  5. At least two years of activities
    Groups must have two years of demonstrable programmatic results prior to applying for chapter recognition. Ideally these activities should be done as a recognized Wikimedia user group. These activities, and their results, must be documented on-wiki, ideally on the group's Meta-Wiki page. Wide outreach efforts to encourage participation and involvement in setting up and shaping the organization are necessary. Activities should be a mixture of online and offline activities designed to encourage participation on the Wikimedia projects. The group must be up to date on its activity and financial reports prior to being considered for recognition.
  6. Capacity, or planned capacity, to meet the future expectations
    Something that makes chapters and thematic organizations unique from user groups are the increased expectations. Does your group have the capacity to meet the expectations of chapters once you receive recognition? This will be something both the Affiliations Committee and Board of Trustees will consider in reviewing your application. If your group does not have a track record of activities which indicate that you will successfully be able to meet these expectations, that can cause your application to be denied. Consideration will be given for the financial circumstances of the group, realistic demands in your group's focus area, and plans to secure future funding to meet these expectations.

要件 国別協会 テーマ別組織 ウィキメディア利用者グループ
活動中のウィキメディア編集者の最低人数 10 10 3
推奨される最低人数 20 20 10
重点事項 地理的 テーマ別 ウィキメディアに対する何らかの貢献
ウィキメディア財団との提携ミッション MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
名称のガイドラインと商標利用方針に関するコンプライアンス MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
ウィキメディア・ウィキ上においてグループに関する情報の公表 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
ウィキメディアのプロジェクトの推進に対する活動等に対する計画 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
新規参加者の受容 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
ウィキメディア財団向けの連絡員2名の指定 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
法人組織 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
提携団体委員会による定款の承認 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
申請まで2年間の活動実績 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
ウィキメディア財団理事会による承認の必要性 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
新会員を含む会員互選の運営委員会 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
メタ・ウィキにおける定期的な活動及び財務報告 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
重点地域でウィキメディア運動を代表する能力 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
標準的な準備期間 2–3 years 2–3 years 1–4 months
承認までの想定期間 4–6 months 4–6 months 1–3 weeks


Beyond the requirements for recognition, which continue to be requirements for groups after they are recognized, there are a number of expectations from the Wikimedia community on the activities and operations of a chapter.

  • Regular on-wiki financial and activity reports
    Chapters are required to post at least one detailed annual report on their activities and finances on the Meta-Wiki reports page. The community has come to see that signs of a healthy organization also include reports throughout the year and a published annual plan for the organization. While an annual plan and regular reports are not required for affiliation status, they may be required for grants, and are a community expectation.
  • Notification of governing document and leadership changes
    The group's governing documents are initially reviewed and approved by the Affiliations Committee. The agreement with chapters also requires that they notify the Wikimedia Foundation of any changes to those documents. The community also expects that the current governing body of the organization is identified on Meta-Wiki.
  • Multiple offline and online activities each quarter
    The fundamental goal of the Wikimedia movement affiliates model is to promote collaboration on the Wikimedia projects. Affiliates are expected to hold a variety of events, both online and offline, to help support this goal.
  • Monitor and respond to communications issues related to group's scope
    A chapter is expected to have the capacity to monitor, and when necessary, respond to communications issues related to their thematic scope. That includes monitoring of media coverage of their topic when it involves Wikimedia, and distributing information about Wikimedia activities to the group's members and network. chapters are expected to coordinate with the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department while performing these tasks.
  • Monitor and respond to public policy matters related to group's scope
    A chapter is expected to have the capacity to monitor, and when necessary, respond to public policy matters related to the group's scope. All Wikimedia organizations are expected to utilize effect strategy when performing these tasks, and not engage on issues outside the scope of Wikimedia's mission. Movement affiliates are encouraged to focus on five primary areas the Wikimedia Foundation has identified for Wikimedia public policy activities. They are strongly encouraged to utilize the public policy site maintained and developed by the Wikimedia Foundation, and coordinate with the Wikimedia Foundation Legal department while performing these tasks.
  • Compliance with movement policies and governing principles
    Wikimedia movement affiliates are required to maintain compliance with movement policies and governing principles. Primary examples of these include the Wikimedia Foundation Guiding Principles, affiliate principles, trademark policy, visual identity guidelines, and friendly space policy.
  • Maintain expertise within group's scope that is accessible to Wikimedia community
    Chapters are expected to both maintain an expertise within the group's geographic scope and make that expertise accessible to the broader Wikimedia movement. This important resource role helps volunteer working on the Wikimedia projects to have documented knowledge bases to contact for assistance in performing Wikimedia tasks.
  • Collaboration with other affiliates and volunteer projects
    Wikimedia chapters are expected to play a coordinating role within their respective thematic focus, and this is a distinctive role they play among Wikimedia organizations. While there can be several other affiliates working within the group's geographic focus, there will be only one chapter. Entities working on a geographic focus are not in a hierarchy, but need to agree how to co-exist to streamline their communication and avoid duplicate work.
  • Represent Wikimedia at public events related to group's scope
    Based on their geographic focus expertise and utilizing their communications capacity, chapters are expected to have the capacity to represent the Wikimedia movement and its interests at public events when called upon to do so.
  • Diverse funding sources
    Chapters are expected to seek funding from diverse sources. Chapters are strongly encouraged to utilize the Wikimedia Foundation's grants program. However, chapters are also expected to explore other means of funding, such as member dues, outside grants, or traditional fundraising activities.

期待される活動 国別協会 テーマ別組織 ウィキメディア利用者グループ
オフライン及びオンラインにおけるウィキメディアへの支援活動 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
準拠文書またはリーダーの変更通知 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
運動方針と管理原則の順守 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
他の提携団体やプロジェクトの協力 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
メタ・ウィキにおける定期報告 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
専門知識はグループの視野に置き、ウィキメディアのコミュニティがアクセス可能な範囲内に保つ MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
Meta-Wiki に公表した定期的な活動と会計報告 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
グループの目標に合う範囲の話題をモニターして、コミュニケーションに参加します。 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
グループの目標に合う範囲の公共政策をモニターし関与すること MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
グループの目的に合う公開のイベントにウィキメディア代表として参加すること MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg
種々の収入源 MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg MW-Icon-CheckMark.svg