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This page is devoted to showcase all activities of Wikimedia TN User Group during the year 2016.

Wiki Loves


The Wikimedia TN User Group co-organized during the year 2015, three photographic contest ( wiki loves Earth, wiki loves Monuments and wiki loves Africa )

Wiki Loves Earth


participants, link to photos, articles, blog posts, and/or videos from the project or event. Please include all relevant categories. Hint: Use bullet points to keep this short and easy to read. You may want to create sub-sections depending on how much you have to say here. Hint: Telling is ok, but showing helps us all share in the excitement. Pictures, videos, and links will help engage more readers in your work!-->

Wiki Loves Earth 2016 in Tunisia was the second experience of WLE in Tunisia and the seventh Wiki loves contest, as part of wiki loves earth this year we have orgonaise three event:
Photos of activities

Wiki Loves Monuments


for the Fourth time wikimedia Tn user group in association with Carthagina organizes wiki loves Monuments, In the end of the event more than 2500 photos was uploaded é photos walk was organised with the participation of more than 30 photographs

  • Number of participants   Done: 40 uploaders vs. an objective of 20
  • Number of uploaded pictures   Done : 2,348 pictures vs. an objective of 1,500
  • Number of new users   Done: 10
  • Four months after the contest, 200 pictures were used in Wikimedia projects   Done: 231 pictures used in Wikipedia

A gathering of all the active and new members of TN User Group to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Wikipedia. The event include the Ceremony of Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 Tunisia and Wiki Loves Africa 2015.




As part of this project, we have provided a training about GLAM and the use of Wikimedia Commons and licenses for documents to the team of the Diocesan Library of Tunis; the team will prepare a list of documents and/or maps to be scanned. This is an exemple selected as part of the training (Rome et Carthage).

Education Program


A presentation about the Wikipedia Education Program was planned on June 20, 2016 with professors of the University of Manouba and the program will be launched in September-October 2016.

The National Engineering School of Tunis is not ready for the education program this year.

Nabeul Language Village

The Language Village Nabeul is a two-week summer residence for Tunisian University students of English organized every year by the British Council. The program of this year will include two Wikipedia workshops in which participants will learn about Wikimedia and its values. Then they will learn about "Wikipedia" and how they add new articles that will be then an asset for readers around the globe. To reach the maximum of benefits, the articles will be focusing on topics related to employability so trainees can use the acquired knowledge for their career.

Activities & Promotions


Here in our list of activities (chronologically ordered):

MedinaPedia (2015-2016)

MedinaPedia is a project to digitize the historic wealth of the medina of Tunis and thus bring them into the world of virtual collective knowledge. This will be the occasion of a series of practical workshops on the world of Wikipedia, Wikimedia and other tools that can promote this objective.

As part of the MedinaPedia project we ave organised 8 workshops and edit-a-thons about the medina of Tunis with 14 participants.

This table includes all participants with a list of created pages and files uploaded to Wikimedia Commons as part of this project:

participant Pages added to Wikipedia Files uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
Houssem Abida 13 en, 3 ar, 2 fr 3
Sami Mlouhi 86 fr, 4 en, 2 ar 1574
HayphaT 3 fr 0
Youssefbensaad 23 fr 1536
Youssefbhy 6 en, 4 ar, 3 fr, 2 it, 1 es, 1 uk 1
Khaoulami 3 fr 4
Zeniarabi 7 ja 0
Leila Ben-Gacem 16 4
Wildtunis 3 ar 37
Meriem Mach 7 ar 19
Pigsonthewing 1 en 0
Afek91 49 ar 7
Brahim Bouganmi 1 ar 0
Emnamizouni 3 en, 1 ar 0
Jihene Miled 1 fr 0
Dalilayakoubidalkamary 3 ar 43
Zeinebtakouti  5 ar 0
Carthage edit-a-thon on May 21, 2016

A Carthage edit-a-thon (and workshops for beginners) was planned to create more than forty articles about the Carthaginian era in Tunisia.

As part of this project, we have created 17 article with the participation of 8 users and 2 new users, this link provides the list of all articles created as part of this project; another edit-a-thon will be organised to complete this list.
March 16, 2016

Workshop about Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects in a university in Sousse.

February 7, 2016

A workshop took place in a secondery school in Majaz al Bab in coordination with a local club. They shared an album in Facebook about the event.

WikiWomen in Tunisia on January 24, 2016

Three training sessions were dedicated to Tunisian women to boost their presence in Wikipedia. The two other sessions are organized on February 14, 2016 and March 6, 2016.

  • The main objective of this project is to decrease the gender gap.
  • 10 new users have joined this project and, after the end, 5 users have joined the MedinaPedia project.
List of participants
Jihene Miled: Jihene Miled
Hana Oueslati : Oueslathana
Donia Barkati: Doniabar
Jihene Nabli: Jajjoutii
Zeineb Takouti: Teinebtakouti
Dalila yakoubi : Dalilayakoubidalkamary
Maha Ammar: Maha ammar
Afek Ben Chahed: Afek91
Meriem Machghoul: Meriem Mach
Hounaida Naifar: Hounaida.naifar

At the end of the project we have given two prices to the best two participants, Afek Ben Chahed Afek and Meriem Machghoul.

Meeting and photo walk in Dougga on March 6, 2016

A meeting and photo walk was organized on March 6, 2016; the main objectifs of this event was to increase the motivation of Wikipedia users in Tunisia and to talk about new Wikimedia Tunisia projects. It was also an opportunity to take pictures and to upload them to Wikimedia Commons.


A new website for Wikimedia TN User Group was launched.

Quality images training


Quality images training it is a training program about wikimedia commons and quality photos for 25 Tunisian photoraphes organise by wikimedia Tunisia in collaboration with the Tunisian Association of photographers.


  • WikiMonastir workshop:

International conferences


Wikiarabia 2016


Participation of five members of the group ( Helmi Hamdi,Mounir Touzri,Yassine Tunsi,Nizar Kerkeni and Hamed Gamaoun)

Wikimedia Conference 2016


Participation of two members of the group ( Yassin Tounsi ss a representative of Wikimedia TN user group and Emna Mizouni as a representative of the Affiliations Committee)

Wikimania 2016


Participation of two members of the group (Habib M'henni and Mounir Touzri)

Wikiconvention Francophone


Participation of six members of the group ( (Habib M'henni, Hamed Gamoun,Youssef Ben Saad, Sami Mlouhi ,Zeineb Takouti and Houcemeddine Turki)

Other event