Wikimedia Tunisie/Participants

Wikimedia Tunisia (ويكيميديا تونس)
We welcome new members to our group!

If you wish to join Wikimedia Tunisia, please complete the following application form:

Benefits edit

  • You are supporting our goals and our work.
  • You can vote at our meetings, where our election and administrative motions are passed.
  • You can join our discussion mail list to participate in planning new events and policy improvement; however it is not essential to be a member to join this list.

Membership edit

  • Everyone based in Tunisia or with links to Tunisia is welcome to join the user group.
  • Form privacy
    • All the information collected through the form is for administrative purposes only, and protection is assured.
    • Data will be accessible to the user group board only.

List of members edit

Active Members edit

See the history of the group. To verify > activity