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  • A gathering of all the active and new members of TN User Group to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Wikipedia.
  • The event will include the Ceremony of Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 Tunisia and Wiki Loves Africa 2015.

January 16, 2015 at 14:00


Club Culturel Taher Hadded

  1. Mounir Touzri (Wikimedia TN user group Member)
  2. Habib M'henni (Wikimedia TN user group Member)
  3. Yamen Bousrih (Wikimedia TN user group Member)
  4. Vivaystn (Wikimedia TN user group Member)
  5. Hamed Gamaoun (Wikimedia TN user group Member)
  6. Emna Mizouni (Wikimedia TN user group Member and Carthagina member)
  7. saber omri (Wikipedia Editor)
  8. Nizar Kerkeni (President of the CLibre Association)
  9. Cheima Fezzani (Winner WLM in Tunisia 2015)
  10. Selma Emna JMII (Winner WLM in Tunisia 2015)
  11. Ryadh Gharbi (Winner WLM in Tunisia 2015)
  12. Iheb Ezziaer (Winner WLM and WLE in Tunisia 2015)
  13. Issam Barhoumi (Winner WLM in Tunisia 2015)
  14. Mahdi Azouzi (Winner WLAf in Tunisia 2015)
  15. Soumaya Boulati (Winner WLAf in Tunisia 2015)
  16. Mohamed Gouli (Winner WLAf and WLE in Tunisia 2015)
  17. Nysrine Mokdad (Winner WLE in Tunisia 2015)
  18. Mahdi ABDELLY (Winner WLE in Tunisia 2015)
  19. Zeineb Takouti (Carthagina Member)
  20. Jamel Ben Saidane (Carthagina Member)
  21. Mohamed Chedli Ben Yaghlane (Association Jeunes Science de Tunisie - Club de Medjez El Beb)
  22. Sami Mlouhi (Wikipedia Editor and Participant WLAf in Tunisia 2015)
  23. Karama Ben Amor (Wikipedia Editor)