Wikimedia Polska has a staff of 3 full time employees and two half time. 3 employees have permanent contracts while 2 are on 6-month contracts. Our accounting services are provided by an external accounting office. Our staff is located in different cities (including Łódź, Poznań, Wrocław). Every staff member has an appointed Board Member to whom he or she reports.

Full time edit

Administration Coordinator edit

Based in Wikimedia Polska office in Łódź. Full time staff member, 40 h per week. Reports to board member responsible for office supervision (see: Board responsibilities).

General responsiblities: ensuring a good maintenance of office, working with the accounting office, managing documents and assisting in different areas of chapter's work.

Detailed scope of responsibilities ( as detailed in the Annex to the Resolution 50/2017, accepted on November 21, 2017) edit

Scope of responsibilities:

  • Office duty - at least 6 hours a day on a fixed schedule, at least 3 working days a week.
  • Taking incoming telephone calls and forwarding the issues to relevant people.
  • Handling incoming and outgoing mail and packages.
  • Liaising with the Secretary of the Board in matters related to the acceptance of new members of the Association, as described in relevant rules.
  • Issuing of membership IDs.
  • Maintaining the basic list of the members of the Association.
  • Sending communication to the Association members, e.g. announcing the date of the General Assembly.
  • Managing personnel files and holiday plans of the staff of the Association.
  • Initial control of incoming invoices and bills and forwarding them to the party responsible for accounting as well as to the Treasurer in an ordered and marked form.
  • Active assistance with settling of travel accounts, contests, and projects.
  • Maintaining a to-do list.
  • Delivering official documents to the relevant administration offices in Łódź.
  • Assistance with the organization of events - phone calls, board and lodging, printing of materials, manning the registration desk, etc.
  • Assistance with travel organization - ticket booking, insurance.
  • Assistance with the printing of promotional and information materials - printing in-house or commissioning of the printing in external printhouses, pin-back button preparation.
  • All other active assistance with the coordination and office activities related to projects managed by the Association.
  • Performing the duties of the coordinator for the prevention of money laundering or financing of terrorism, as detained by the Resolution 7/2017.

Community Support Specialist edit

Based in Poznań. Full time staff member, 40 h per week. Reports to board member responsible for community support and internal communication (see: Board responsibilities)

General responsibilities: ensuring a good relationship between the chapter and the community, working on the growth, health and motivaton of our volunteer community, improving working conditions for the volunteers. Additional responsiblities are related to fundraising, supporting outreach, event organising.

Detailed scope of responsibilities (as detailed in the Annex to the Resolution 49/2017, accepted on November 21, 2017) edit
  • Editing of the [Wikimedia Polska] blog and news on the Association’s main page.
  • Direct operations of the profiles of Polish WIkipedia as well as Wikimedia Polska Association in social media sites as well as coordinating the activities of people operating other Wikimedia profiles in such media in Polish, Kashubian, and Silesian.
  • Handling of image crises of Wikimedia projects and WIkimedia Polska Association, as detailed in the document “Good practice of crisis management”.
  • Editing the “From the life of WIkimedia Polska” bulletin and publishing it on the Association’s wiki pages as well as via the mailing list.
  • Editing of special materials for donors, including the dedicated mailing list and a section on the Association wiki pages, and other means of remote communication.
  • Planning, subject-matter and logistic organization, overseeing of the course, and support of contests organized or co-organized by the Association.
  • Participating, upon the acceptance of the Board, in organizing committees of international contests organized by the international Wikimedia partners.
  • Designing and editing of promotional materials of the Associations and the supported projects, including special contents and materials for the Association’s donors.
  • Monitoring of the communities of Wikimedia projects in Polish, Kashubian, and Silesian in order to analyze their needs and expectations in relation to the support that may be expected from the Association. Regular reporting of the effects of the monitoring activities to the Board.
  • Planning, execution, and active support of such activities as meetings, trainings, promotional activities that aim to: a) enlisting of new members of Wikimedia Polska Association from among the Wikimedia project contributors, b) raising the activity of WIkimedia Polska Association members, c) gaining of new Wikimedia project editors.
  • Online fundraising campaigns - Wikipedia banners, OPP [Organization of Public Benefit], social media campaigns (in liaison with the delegated Board members).
  • Promoting the activities of Wikimedia Polska in the international WIkimedia movement.
  • Supporting of the organization of Wikimedia Polska events.
  • Reporting the undertaken and completed tasks to the Board no less frequently than on a bi-monthly basis.

GLAM Coordinator edit

Based in Łódź. Full time staff member, 40 h per week. Reports to board member responsible for partnerships (see: Board responsibilities)

Main responsibilities: initiating new GLAM partnerships and overseeing the ongoing GLAM projects.

Detailed scope of responsibilities (as detailed in the Annex to the Resolution 51/2017, accepted on November 21, 2017) edit
  • Overseeing of ongoing partnerships.
  • Providing support to and solving the organization-technical issues of GLAM partnerships.
  • Promotional activities related to GLAM-Wiki.
  • Actively initiating new GLAM partnerships, including:
    • Searching for new institutions considered as potential partners through the sending of letters, emails, phone contacts, and live meetings.
    • Negotiating and organizing partnerships, assistance in defining the shape, scope, and timespan of partnerships.
    • Preparing of new information folders and brochures, as needed by the individual projects.
    • Conducting trainings for the staff of partner institutions.
  • Coordinating of cooperation with volunteers and staff supporting GLAM partnerships, including:
    • Editing and developing of the GLAM wiki-project pages on Wikipedia.
    • Developing and ordering the project structure on WIkimedia Commons.
    • Creating a database of WIkipedians interested in participating in GLAM partnerships and encouraging their involvement in the existing partnerships.
    • Supporting Wikipedians in contacts with GLAM institutions that Wikipedians start.
    • Supporting of the execution of current projects according to their starting criteria.
  • Reporting the status of GLAM partnerships to the Board no less frequently than on a bi-monthly basis
  • Supporting the organization of Wikimedia Polska Association’s events.

Half time edit

GLAM Specialist edit

Based in Wrocław. Half time, 6 months long contract (terminating October 16th 2018), 20 h a week.

Main responsiblities: assisting GLAM coordinatior in curating and documenting partnership projects

  • working with the GLAM coordinator in mantaining 5 chosen GLAM partnership projects
  • working with GLAM coordinator on organizing a few month long education project between Wikimedia Polska, a GLAM instituion and an educational institution (for example between a museum and an university)
  • attending GLAM-related events and conferences, connecting staff from GLAM institutions with people engaged in existing projects
  • assisting GLAM coordinator in writing grant applications (for aquiring grants from public, municipal and international institutions)
  • mantaining corespoendence with museums, archives and other institutions
  • assisting with preparing and writing promotional materials (invitations, promotional materials, actualizations, news etc.)
  • coordinating 2 chosen partnerships
  • attending trainings and workshps in different cities
  • assisting in documenting and reporting GLAM projects and their structure on Wikimedia pages

Press Officer edit

At the moment the recruiting process for this position is ongoing. Up till its conclusion, our Community Specialist is acting as an interim press officer.

Half time, 6 month contract, 20 hours a week

Main responsiblities: serving as a contact person for journalists and media staff, writing and distribution of ready-made media information related to WIkimedia goings-on, handling of image crises of Wikimedia projects and Wikimedia Polska Association, as detailed in the document “Good practice of crisis management”.