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The Wikimedia Northern Europe Workspace is meant as a place for working on projects that benefit from a wiki-based system of collaboration without necessarily fitting on any specific Wikimedia site, either because of subject area or because the project is multi-lingual. It can also be used for storing documentation or other notes related to projects.

The various projects are listed by subject area (feel free to add a new one if none of them fit). Each project should contain a short summary, as well as the people currently working on it. Please note that not all projects are listed here, and that there might be more initiatives to contribute to listed in the repository.

General administration edit

Title Summary Responsibility
Documentation from the 2018 Northern Europe Meeting Overview of the documentation from the 2018 Northern Europe Meeting N/A
Minutes from the Wikimania 2019 lunch meetup Minutes of the Wikimania 2019 Northern European lunch meetup, which primarily focused on the coming meeting in Estonia. N/A
Documentation from the 2018 Northern Europe Meeting Overview of the documentation from the 2019 Northern Europe Meeting N/A
Monthly meeting minutes Minutes from the monthly meetings. N/A

Minority & indigenous languages edit

Title Summary Responsibility
Model templates, policy and help pages Discussing how to help minority language Wikipedias at WikiNEM 2018, one of the issues raised was that many minority language wikis are lacking with regards to documentation (policy & help pages) as well as tools (templates etc.) As an example, the Greenlandic Wikipedia is currently a mishmash of Danish and Greenlandic. Starting to edit Wikipedia can already be intimidating, but if new editors are met with inadequate or poor documentation, it's even worse.

The plan is to create model versions of the most important policy and help pages, as well as the most important templates for creating articles with the intent of having them translated, either by language-proficient community members or professionally.

Education edit

Title Summary Responsibility
Education collaboration to share resources based on initial work during Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2018. List of international resources for education Education coordinators in NEM region:

Tools edit

Tools developed in the region (not required to be region specific).