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Ĝeneralaj retmesaĝoj al Wikimedia Nederland eblas sendita al

Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland is a Wikimedia chapter. The association was founded on March 27, 2006 in Eindhoven, and recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation as a chapter. In 2022 it had ~175 members.

In English, the association informs usually here on Meta Wiki. See for example the English language 'chapter reports'.

La retejo (en la nederlanda) troviĝas ĉe kaj la asocio havas sian propran mailinglist, wikimedianl-l. Vi povas trovi la Statutes sur la asocio wiki en la angla ankaŭ.

Wikimedia Nederland (WMNL), as part of the global Wikimedia movement, wants to provide an environment where volunteers and organizations work together to gather and disseminate free knowledge.

WMNL develops and supports free knowledge throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands (in Europe and the Caribbean), and in all languages spoken within the Kingdom.

WMNL sees itself as a liaison between the Wikimedia projects, the Wikimedia community and wider society.


On April 1, 2023, Wikimedia Nederland introduced a new Friendly Space Policy.


La Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland havas estraro konsistanta el sep membroj.

Boardmembers are elected by the General Assembly, generally for a two-year period. Boardterms are staggered, to avoid a majority of members stepping down at the same time.

The current members are:

  • Jan Bart de Vreede, Chair
  • Bart Nieuwenhuis, Treasurer and Friendly Space Policy
  • Michel Wesseling, Secretary and Sponsoring
  • Migiza Victoriashoop, Partnerships and Open Content
  • Marike van Roon, Partnerships and Open Content


  • Sandra Rientjes, director
  • Germien Cox, communications
  • Thamara Groenleer, project coordinator
  • Kirsten Jansen, office manager
  • Michelle van Lanschot, project coordinator

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